quem quer jogar um poker ai?
저녀석 저래놓고 새벽까지 퍼잤으면서;
Tá tocando uma versão jazz de poker face aqui Sucesso
I can't even sit at a poker table for 4 hours and they want me sitting in class for 4 hours
@ruiken_poker 午前休ってことでカフェにでも行きたいところですね…つらみ
(쩔지)(내가 바로 신인류임)
Tô com a consciência pesada de ter viciado meus primos em poker
(나는... 늦게자고 일찍 일어난다)
@elonmusk "It's all like a series of poker games and now I have gone on to a more high stakes poker game and just carried those chips...
RT @LIVEattheBike: This @RyanFeePoker vs @RealKidPoker poker theory debate is really heating up. Do I smell a heads up battle on @LIVEattheBike this week?
A jogar um poker ainda
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via @moneyqanda How to Invest in Poker Players and Earn Larger than the Stock Market
저자식 저러다가 중요한 순간에도자지(;;)
I'm at Poker Barai Maldito - Secção Acupe
Poker News: The 3rd American Poker Awards wraps up in Beverly Hills - Casino City Times (press release)
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허어..그래... 상속자는 좀 자라;