RT @MisterBroRo: LGBTQ+ rights supporters singing along to Lady Gaga's 'Poker Face' while marching to Mike Pence's house. 🏳️‍🌈
@Joeingram1 @catehall You should interview the person on the left. They seem to have triple her chips. #poker #Mets
RT @MichaelOrton9: “the spectre is not of hard or soft Brexit but of shambles.”
I can read Vladimir Putin by his speech. He's an instagator. Playing chess, poker, and Trump. All at the same time. Blind republicans.
@dr_Ryuji 戦争をする場合の将軍の態度を四つの漢字(⇒四文字熟語)で書き表しています。風林火山=Poker face( ´∀`)??
#avantcourseslive Coup de poker avec le 4 Badine Charmeuse a déjà bien fait sur le parcours moins perf que l'an passé mais pkp 1pl
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RT @SurvivorHealer: Trump protestors hit the D.C. streets marching to Lady Gaga's iconic hit, 'Poker Face'. 💪
I should go back to the old me. A simple student, independent, not too friendly, wears poker face, and surrounded by less but real friends.
Juman just mastered the "Gift Getter" achievement
探索はできないものと諦めた ストーリー楽しいよストーリー
とりあえずガチャが当たらなさすぎるから イベントクエストに助けられてるっちゃー助けられてるんだけどね( ̄▽ ̄;) 飽きる
Daniel Negreanu & Phil Hellmuth seront là, Fedor Holz in ? #poker #SHRBowl #shrb #LasVegas
Poker Bear Express pub crawl is January 21
イベントクエストさえどうにかなればなぁ あとガチャ率(またもや10連確定SR1のみ)
Please RT if you like!! #Poker World Series Of Poker 2016 MAIN EVENT Episode 22 FINAL TABLE (live) HD…
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