ねぇ、フォロワーさん 遠慮なんかしなくていいからさぁ… ガンガン絡んで来いやぁ!!(笑)
Melody A. Lasik gathered the collection Poker Combinations!
RT @WPT: The World Poker Tour is proud to announce the launch of the MyWPT app, designed exclusively for our players on tour.
@Exposingfrauds7 @batchelorshow A poker game; glad to see Trump didn't snub free people to please predators.
Dereli, sana Zynga Poker'de bir kart yolladı!
Poker rules supplement: A .44 Magnum beats 4 aces.
Bana yardım et! Kollu makinemi oyna ve hem bana hem de kendine bedava fiş al!
Status : streessed with a poker face
@J4YB_ I'm already knowin'. They keep their poker faces on!
@toridunivin_ yooo I found a poker chip when I left work
14 play SnG's on @PokerStars and I place ITM on just one. Flips weren't going my way which was the major problem with today's action #poker
RT @miyoshi_maru: 【交換】 白猫プロジェクト 一番くじ ラバスト 譲 G賞 ツキミ フラン2 メア シズク ミレイユ カスミ オウガ2 求 同種 ザック 8日お昼頃吉祥寺での手渡し、または郵送。
El argentino Fraschia ascendió en teleférico hasta la cima del Bounty de $3,30 de @PokerStarsLatam. 👉👉👉…
@realDonaldTrump the trouble is diplomacy is like playing an obscure form of poker in the pitch dark & nobody will tell you the rules
Want to play #poker #teenpatti #rummy with anyone sitting apart? Don't miss the fun, login
Another night of taking @Kevin78moore money in poker😜
【PF】 UTG 4d Qd : 40% MP1 6d 4s : --% MP2 7d 2c : --% BTN Qh 8c : --% SB1 5h 2d : --% BB1 8s 9d : --% F: Kd Qc 7s T: Jd R: 6s 16131
Poker face Lady gaga
Dec 3rd 1859: Gambler John Oakhurst runs out of luck and takes his own life in a snow drift. (The Outcasts of Poker Flat)
Did you know @3gerardpique is one of Spain's best poker players?