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Richard is a prime example of corporate bullshit. Tries to baffle you with pointless babble #theapprentice
@Manley72 I said that after you judged me, I'm growing weary of this pointless babble. Go find someone else to insult.
Half of all tweets are pointless babble.😎😎
@downsouth505 @RodfromCranston we don't have a fair&reliable news channel anymore, @CNN @CNBC pointless babble & political correctness
Pear Analytics: 46% of tweets pointless babble; 38% conversational; 9% pass-along value; 6% promotion; 4% spam; 4% news. Make that 46.0001%
@hehjog oh good! Im kinda glad to know someone is reading my pointless babble haha makes it feel like there's an actual purpose
"Sir, we need to find a way to make pointless babble profitable." "Hmm, let's hire 3,900 more employees to figure that out."
Twitter content: News (3.6%) Spam (3.8%) Self-promotion (5.9%) Pointless babble (40.1%) Conversational (37.6%) Pass-along value (8.7%)