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@PressSec is a bully and a thug with no legitimate qualifications , she thinks insulting people and their intellige… https://t.co/mNKi7Fjzma
@LangeToepie Iedere tweet over die zelfbenoemde uitvinder @PieterZwartNL is er één teveel. Dit is dus precies een v… https://t.co/REnTgkAqh8
The Eagles are gonna talk that shit whenever they get to the podium and announce their pick 😭😭😭
RT @F1TsHub: Live Teammate Selection Event 27/04/18 | Podium Tier:7PM | Pinnacle Tier:8PM | Prestige Tier:9PM A message on PSN… https://t.co/mCx9ehjvCO
In addition 2 being booed at AT&T Stadium 2nite Roger Goodell should also hear this every time he steps 2 the podium https://t.co/DIlwigiWsv
@TeamGaryVee @Browns I think they have the taking Baker Mayfield, and trading the #4 pick while at the podium to ge… https://t.co/hPD67Ej3Hy
RT @profitasnl: Podium + Overkapping geplaatst voor koningsnacht en Koningsdag in Zwolle. In opdracht van @Dea_events die het licht… https://t.co/zyE2RKbENz
RT @DGlaucomflecken: (Walks up to podium at major ophthalmology conference) (Taps mic) Me: The eyes are NOT the window to the soul (D… https://t.co/BccV8QGzl8
Peep me on that podium after HJ Saturday 😎 https://t.co/jwPhPfTID2
RT @queenymom: @EdKrassen @Acosta Oh no! She has a lot of room to talk. Her own (so called) tones are so abrasive every time she g… https://t.co/Qsa1KYSPOo
RT @jzuazola: Retweeted El Español (@elespanolcom): Ramos sobre Iniesta: "Si se llamase Andresinho tendría dos Balones de Oro"… https://t.co/PCDE0aKCMf
RT @bgmotogp: #OTD 1987 #SpanishGP. @criville_alex finishes on the podium in his debut Grand Prix! https://t.co/Ng0PL3ALuP
RT @SiphamandlaGoge: #ZUMAMUT Mangosuthu University of Technology students “recall” former President Jacob Zuma to the podium to sing hi… https://t.co/GQgHPTUisv
Can’t wait to hear the deafening boos radiate from my television when Goodell steps up to the podium
Stupid, y’all think it was just me/I belong in prison crazy by my own admission/On a mission to grab a podium, let… https://t.co/SNs27xCtdf
RT @MikeArnoldMD: @DGlaucomflecken (Walks up to podium at major surgery conference) (Taps mic) Me: Antibiotics are superior for the… https://t.co/gbLXTQRdNu
RT @EzekieINBA: Cowboys players are escorting Goodell to the podium so he doesn’t get boo’d 🤢 fuck that
RT @DGlaucomflecken: (Walks up to podium at major ophthalmology conference) (Taps mic) Me: The eyes are NOT the window to the soul (D… https://t.co/BccV8QGzl8
@Zack_Nani Merci zack mais on doit pas se voir en finale on a un match important pour le podium dimanche et jeudi p… https://t.co/hO3hdVoG3D
@TheBearsWire Run that card to the podium
RT @schumacher: Michael on the podium of the San Marino Grand Prix on April 26, 1998. He finishes second in Imola behind the Scot D… https://t.co/Bc5Cl6sXM1
Here's to Tom Shields taking the lifetime achievement award at the #scottishpressawards and hailing Arnold Kemp fro… https://t.co/zGJKucwH5I
RT @LienC: Au revoir podiumgirls. My goodbye to the podium and podiumgirls, beautifuly captured by Jelle Vermeersch for the n… https://t.co/PnKRgenEBf
Holy shit the draft podium looks so good inside the Cowboys stadium
RT @mvanderKist: Tevens de grootste leugenaar die hier het podium krijgt zich te presenteren als voorvechter van integere politiek.… https://t.co/pkUxVhutQr