I just solved pack Turtle in WordBrain - as number 0 ever! #wordbrain #words
Loving the choirs' tribute to Ironman in Ben Haenow & Leona Lewis performance in #xfactorfinal
@lostockgamer this mediocre squad might actually win some games! Serious today. Others have gone on strong from similar position.
@pmj104 Been along time since we were in the old third division. Should be fun. Lol
@lostockgamer exactly. Great chance to restructure club as a business not just football. It would screw League up, hence pressure not to.
@pmj104 I wouldn't hold it bck. If we're gonna get the 12 points deduction I'd take it now and not season. We're going down anyway. 😔😔
@lostockgamer not quite They can hold it back if wanted. I think Admin is great option for #bwfc. League pressure not to #wheresthemoneygone
@pmj104 Thanks for the great feedback Paul. Have a great Christmas!
Huge box arrived from @TheBookPeople this morning. Fantastic tracking service from @RoyalMail. Good Luck to you both with the festive rush!
#bsod happening too often now. Might be time to upgrade my 2002 (!!) PC!