RT @kysagb: when you're in a club in the toilet and you hear "i've been here all night, i've been here all day"
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@kevinando5 Om toilet Om... Bersihin napa?
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RT @Chelsea_Singh_: If I was in the house with Kim I'd wash her mouth out with bleach and a used toilet brush She's off her billy rocker the lunatic @Daily_Star
RT @BrokenAnimaIs: This container has a leak the liquid is spilling out
RT @GMPaiella: Our toilet seat broke and I let my boyfriend pick out the new one
I need to organize this account, izz like a toilet...full of zhit
Japan has introduced eight new icons to help toilet users #japan #quirky
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Why are people that skipped the checks and balances chapter in American govt always ready to pipe up?
RT @ToluDerp: I'm thinking of moving to Abuja to become a plumber. You don't know who has a million dollars flowing in his pipes.
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RT @NiaNRiley: Squatting over a public restroom toilet DRUNK af in 6+ inch heels is a talent not acknowledged enough. Bye.
LRT: our bodies leak information all the time...I want to be attentive enough to be able to capitalize on these leaks.
Teen Courtney Loxx encounters doggystle in the toilet by a huge dick
tempelan ki ngeneki! toilet kok tempelane siram setelah buang air. orasah dikei tulisan ngono kui kudune yen menung…
RT @BrokenAnimaIs: This container has a leak the liquid is spilling out
I got home from work about 20 minutes, I been sitting on the toilet since, just going from app to app. 😂