RT @svtechie: @JEFF02163191 @lgmaterna What an #allstar team indeed. Time to flush the #Democrat toilet.
Ladies y'all settling for guys who's 🍆 don't dip in the toilet?
RT @Suunshinee7: since i'm 18 now i want y'all to know, if u are younger than 18, u can still catch the pipe.
Email sheds light on Obama 'leak investigations'. Obama subsequently appointed John... by…
@Megan_Mckenna_ I through it was the norm not to flush the toilet after having a wee when people are in bed😂😂
#forbes #headlines New Samsung Galaxy S8 Leak Confirms Biggest Feature: Samsung's Galaxy S8…
RT @Soydavidruiz: Mujeres Altas y Delgadas. 😍😍
@CNN i can swear this is all a hoax to vive trump 1 nite stress free sleep. Let nunez tell us what the leak was. Its nothing buh a gimmick.
You might have heard natural gas is a safe “bridge fuel” to clean energy. It’s not. #ClimateChange
RT @badgirl_loony: Leak reveals Rex Tillerson was director of Bahamas-based US-Russian oil firm
@FAIRImmigration @SincerelyWendy Maryland Democrats+Gov Hogan need the toilet their in Flushed I'm sick of what they R doing 2 my state
@issanisha was waiting for you to pipe up😂 and babe, its spree time!!!
RT @wikileaks: Email sheds light on Obama 'leak investigations'. Obama subsequently appointed John Brennan head of the CIA.…
RT @ConstanceQueen8: BREAKING: NSA Docs Leak Proving Just How Long Trump and His Entire Family Were Spied On…This Is Sick! - Deplorable
RT @thepunningman: This is exactly how I look when I sit on the toilet and I've forgotten my phone
Schiff I Have ‘Grave Concerns’ Over Nunes’ Russia Investigation Leak To Trum | | #Nunes
@Pamela_Moore13 You are a fucking idiot. WATCH YOUR HEALTHCARE GO DOWN THE TOILET
Your desk, kitchen sink, grocery cart, cellphone, restaurant menu, and an ATM all have more bacteria than your toilet bowl.
RT @rubyenraylls: Be my toilet slave & clean up my mess you nasty fucks. #toiletsub @iWantClips
@chagmed And our division of labor & know-how so distributed. Millions work to make any one of the basic comforts:…
RT @Damorela00: HUSBAND: is d light in our toilet nw auto? I open d door d light came on,I closed d door, it went off WIFE: drunk,u…