RT @faaaadumo: .....someone tell Post Colonialism to pipe down
@PamelaGeller The “refugees” don’t know how to live in a civilized society. From dirt floors to indoor plumbing, I don’t think so.
Toilet Jongkok Lebih Sehat daripada Toilet Duduk, Ini Faktanya !
Ask ya kid for clean piss one time and he forget where the toilet at all day
RT @rapper_taetae: Just a reminder to LA ARMY, please do not leak MIC DROP remix version tomorrow when @BTS_twt performs it at The Ell…
RT @Ellahbie: @JulianAssange This also proves it was an insider leak. If it was Russians, we’d have had all the emails from every…
I'll Give her that class 3 leak
Reported pipe bomb briefly closes road in unincorporated Danville
RT @faaaadumo: .....someone tell Post Colonialism to pipe down
RT @ClaraJeffery: We also seem to have Senate members or staff working to leak to Cernovich. (And maybe Stone.) Not WSJ. Not Fox. Not…
Plumbing Estimator - #Orange , CA ( Get Plumbing Jobs
RT @UpGuard: The Cyber Risk team's latest disclosure: billions of records exposed from a US military program to harvest social m…
RT @siacidal: LEAK: Sia's alleged demo for Rihanna, 'Beautiful People'
RT @faaaadumo: .....someone tell Post Colonialism to pipe down
RT @SaG_King_Tarius: @Remymafia2 @DonsMinaj @obouie @_MILEON_ @datellecash @lilodoeee @LilBuuzzz @Choichan @rolle3830 @KingRemyMa…
RT @faaaadumo: .....someone tell Post Colonialism to pipe down
RT @blurbts: those at the ellen show today, don't you dare betray bts and leak the mic drop remix. steve aoki and bts have worke…
@Divinity1101 She lets him and his load starts to leak out of her
RT @NoahBrunton: 69 likes and ill leak Mark Ziobro’s dirty pics he’s been creeping out my gf with #ShootersShot #WheresYourMorals
@FuckJasonWhite What did jason do before dropping his vape in the toilet?
RT @faaaadumo: .....someone tell Post Colonialism to pipe down