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my other opinion is that rafa has been playing soccer longer than i have had memories & puts the fear of God in me
The end of the times has come...@ThomasARegister is playing the air drums...God help humanity!
@DLoesch this shows they do not care about the people. Claiming to be God fearing individuals while playing God with ppl's lives!
RT @chloscriv: there's just something about riding with the windows down playing God Bless America with my best friends ❤️💙
oh my god i was singing b.y.o.b earlier and this guy started playing it for me
This game, I SWEAR TO GOD, made me openly weep while playing.
thank the almighty god i was just gonna complain about how tired i am of playing 1d songs just for harry's voice
I swear to god the universe loves playing sick jokes on me. Whenever something goes right 50 things go wrong. #riptome 💀💀
RT @OOrganicsoul: God's pronouns are they/ them. y'all let's stop playing
Good god the Bucks are trash without Giannis on the floor. He should be playing 48 min a game.
Now playing My God Is So Good To Me by Agape International Choir! Listen live here:
[21:03]I’m playing Dragon vs God, join me now. Use my invite id $1 for free in-game gifts.
Looking through old @devyn_bess videos & God do i miss him playing anaconda for us I will never forget cottage cheese😂😂😭🙏
I liked a @YouTube video from @YaBoySavage_ ROAD TO RED PAINT! OH MY GOD WE ARE PLAYING A 99 OVERALL TEAM! |
Now Playing Albertina Wallker - God's got It 24/7 Gospel Music, Preaching & Teaching
RT @Goodtobewiser: I look at @iJesseWilliams and go, "dyam! God wasn't playing when creating him!"
#Now Playing Rob lumpkin II - Awsome God
Amazing grace playing now. God bless all.
i can tell he is god gifted with music before he started playing by his free form hair and mustache lmfaoooo
Playing Now Big Jesus (My God So Big) - Big Redd on
God's pronouns are they/ them. y'all let's stop playing
#OnAir: Massy DeeJay - #Acid Set May 012 > Tune in > Playing: DHS - the house of god (italian mix)
@NeilBeaz thank god for the mobile app so I can watch. I just can't believe how out of their minds Kansas has been playing.
This bar started playing Someone Great and then they changed it, thank god id like to not cry in my weak beer