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RT @SoxNotes: Today, Sandy Leon homered from both sides of the plate in the same inning. No Red Sox player has ever done that in the regular season.
Government claims plate promotes violence toward women....
RT @OrignalceQueen: I think people need to stop making fun of fat people. They have enough on their plate.
RT @ohhblivious: When the waitress comes by and tries to grab your plate @OpTic_Crimsix @CODWorldLeague
M'Sroufy, une plateforme offrant des emplois à temps partiel au ... - Tic Maroc
@andyc_78 @KnitsleyFarm @dduf29 you didn't lick the plate clean! Such waste.
RT @queenkimbaby: When I'm at a restaurant and I see the waiter coming wit my plate
@HollywoodSAVG 8:30 brother chuck make sure to bring money for the offering plate
Super excited to try this beauty out! Yes, I just got excited about a pie plate. Want one in…
RT @gifscrvg: Gol de falta River Plate gosta muito
@HooperOfNNy wit the greens on a separate plate🤔
RT @EverlyRealVegan: It is extreme to teach children to love an animal and to then have that same animal that they loved on their dinner…
APDTY 112823 Exterior Rear Cargo Door Handle w/ License Plate Bracket Holder Primed Gray…
Papillon Ryder, intergalactic fashion plate
RT @LangoschMLB: "Four more years" chant breaks out again as Yadier Molina comes up to the plate for his second at-bat. #stlcards
just inhaled a plate
@BrettRasdall Told you we needed to avoid this. Paulo is decent in the field, good at the plate, but they could get off to a slow start.
RT @noah_staup: Being in a slump at the plate is one of the worst feelings ever
RT @WonderTruly: "this is your fork. you can use it to get meat on your plate." "this is my meat wand????"…
RT @dreezydreezy: A lot on my plate...But I never complain 🙄
Back on track with the healthy eating (ignore the paper plate..I hate dishes) Grass-fed beef,…
I don't give no fuck about food touching on my plate🗣‼️
RT @dreezydreezy: A lot on my plate...But I never complain 🙄
RT @YB_LOUIE: Just because you wanna see your ppl eat doesn't make you responsible for making their plate. 👌🏾