Breaking news:a massive earthquake hits australia

@joshgroban When u have a iPod babe ...are u read a book or something
モイ!iPod touchからキャス配信中 -あ https://t.co/VXjNCrUSCa
@LeBatardShow listening to the podcast on the ipod, accidentally hit the speech speed button (never knew that was a… https://t.co/rbcW5SHXPu
人間の科学力はとうに神の力を超えた だから信仰は失われていくの 神の力じゃ1000曲以上の曲を持ち歩くなんてできないもの ああ、iPodが欲しいわ
どちゃすこ眠いけどiPodのシャッフル機能で踊れアラビアンナイト回ってきて謎のテンアゲ現象起こてる ウッハ
incredible that there are STILL people trying to sell their five-year-old ipod touch for $800 cuz it has flappy bird installed
Some of y’all didn’t save up for an iPod Touch in the fifth grade and it shows.
@two_lnl I think it’s like an iPod or whatever. We call it his music hammer but Benny uses it as a phone all the ti… https://t.co/qqQXk8D7ZZ
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RT @eunhyyuuk: back in our day, we’d be watching the mv once and or twice and then illegally downloading the song so that we could… https://t.co/6aGMuEJfVX
Iguess she only likes 1 song on Marks ipod 🤣
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Although I will say some artists on here aren't getting their full due because I have their discographies on my old… https://t.co/5VRow1AHsr
An Apple rumour blog said the new iPod Touch emits a low level of gamma radiation.
@HumanNeedsTrav1 @elmoostache @LeoDuffOff Non au contraire la gamme se simplifie. On passe de iMac/MacBook, iPad, i… https://t.co/xtVNysytla
@r0bbier0berts0n Jubilation popped up on my random shuffle of my ipod. Rick's singing cheered me up after a long da… https://t.co/9voKjZTLte
あ!そうそう! 雨でiPod死んでた気づかないで充電しちゃった △ #裏垢女子 #ライン交換 #M
RT @katanasIice: skullcandys and an iPod touch is a bigger flex than AirPods 2 and an iPhone XR
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@evli_bey10 iPod diyorum orman gibisi varmiki
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