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I am sure she said "pit stop" #Backroads
Pit stop to spend more ฿฿฿ (@ Motorway Service Center - Inbound in Bang Pakong, Chachoengsao) https://t.co/L8pVk4538h
https://t.co/WLGDHTMu8p Whisky Mistress!!!Break into the work week with a pit stop at the hottest restaurant/entertainment venue In Buckhead
Maaaaan, dog stop with that loud barkin, I'm a pit bull, you a toy yorkie..
❗️СЕГОДНЯ последний ДЕНЬ‼️ / Автомагазин PIT-STOP Автомагазин PIT-STOP запчасти для ин.. https://t.co/jaQ52e7QDU
Pit stop for kill some zombies 😱 🔫 😏😂😂apocalyptic zone ▪️@athenasocial gopro @OGIOhttps://t.co/qGjMFPyxa3
Morning all,another day closer to our christmas break just having a pit stop at kingshill bakers for tea and susage rolls #happydays ✌👊
The gospel and temples. We left and started heading home, but made a pit stop at Cofort where we learned of Ira Hinckley.
Morning folks! Hope my Monday goes by as quickly as a @SauberF1Team pit stop.. https://t.co/fgJiIpX2dt
I want a cool female-only pit stop in Dublin: https://t.co/V2PT9kkyNh
Getting ready to implode? Listen, watch & take a pit stop instead! https://t.co/g6tOpm55iZ #LivingHappy https://t.co/YiaioceJ3e
RT @EyessewnshutONE: Great show last night at Pit Stop in Denver. @Something_42 killed it! Excellent Lineup!Thanks @MetalOTM for putting on such a killer show!
Meetings, meetings and running all over the place. Thank goodness for a quick pit stop in my fave... https://t.co/rXYHeLAcum
Meetings, meetings and running all over the place. Thank goodness for a quick pit stop in my… https://t.co/OnDCoAGDN2
RT @RobynlouRegan: Little pit stop with @OmgItzKayleigh.. heading to Glasgow ❤️️ https://t.co/JzsmoQqSND
Anyone else really not want to get up today? 😴 Planning a pit stop here on the way back fr… https://t.co/tg9MyikIii https://t.co/ppE1F2wTRc
Please RT! #travel #tourism #vacation TONIGHT: Tony Bourdain Makes a Pit Stop in Burgundy, France… https://t.co/oQLSjV3OTA
@maddawgg_ pit stop in Texas 🙏🏽
RT @NHL: Rogers @hometownhockey_ is making a pit stop in Barrie, Ontario, this weekend for #WPGvsCHI. https://t.co/BxqH0nLmU7
RT @emmamaej99: This is not my home...but this is my pit stop!:) As God's crew, we are called to bring JOYFUL healing, MIGHTY love, and UNSTOPPABLE hope!💙
RT @JinxxBVB: Great pit stop in My home town in Iowa over the weekend rocking some old tunes with my dad and bro and seeing family and old friends!
RT @gloveritchey: Now I'm teaching him about the art of the pit stop water break. https://t.co/y8wdwMb7sf
chey should stop fighting with me and but these pit tickets