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RT @findinqyou: pineapple pizza and candy corn battling to see which one can be the most hated food of all time
Pineapple ciroc & orange juice . Never again 🤢
RT @htxyesica: Buchanan's & pineapple juice Buchanan's & cranberry juice Tequila & squirt
RT @itstaralala: So we’re trying to potty train my puppy, but when he has accidents in the house, he gets super embarrassed and this…
i love pink pineapple tarot she’s so cute
Pineapple juice is 5 times more effective than cough syrup. It also prevents colds and the flu.
RT @raffamoreira777: Os cara da pineapple tão falando que vão me processar kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk caralho mano se chamou a policia
RT @Erowid: Article describing why the Pineapple Fund founder is contributing 86M to charity, including psychedelic drug educat…
RT @babycarebot: 🍍👑:Be a pineapple - stand tall and wear a crown
RT @mcmenorthaliss: @raffamoreira777 Sai dessa cara, lava a boca pra falar do Choice você é ingrato e cospe no prato que come!! Se não…
when u just flexing in the grocery store buying asparagus & pineapple salsa in a fur
RT @aVeryRichBish: Wow, the whole time while Amara La Negra was trying to explain how difficult it is being a darkskinned black Latina…
RT @Sunkiss_flower: sunflower pineapple flower sculptures!
@maddieleigh57 @DennisTamra @molorene16 @karliemadz Kinda pissed pineapple ain’t even on the shelf cuz then It would really fit you all😂😂😂
favourite fruit — strawberries, pineapple sometimes it just leaves a weird feeling also raspberries
Y’all are just feeding my pineapple addiction hard core! A pineapple box. Pineapple tape. Pineapple charge chord. A…
RT @Sunkiss_flower: sunflower pineapple flower sculptures!
RT @Sunkiss_flower: sunflower pineapple flower sculptures!
RT @Sunkiss_flower: sunflower pineapple flower sculptures!