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RT @DelMonteFresh: DIY Chinese Lettuce Cups: 1. Lay down lettuce leaves 🥬 2. Top with pork, pineapple, peanuts and green onion 🍍 3. Ea…
Mountain Dew: Ophitaurus (Pineapple and Yam)
RT @kimjinhwins: daehwi brought a bunch of fanta pineapple flavored drinks 😂 as expected of the best endorser 😂
@AmyGDalaMD Has the pineapple met their deductible for the year?
I hope it's yellow, smells like fresh pineapple.
RT @MoMoSwift_TV: . ⠀ ⠀💒 ⠀ 🍽 ⠀ 🍍🍕 🍏🍌🍒🥝🌷 🌷🍋🥦🥥🍈 🍎🍉🍑🍅🌷…
RT @MainlineBaits: We are delighted Sarah Brown has joined the Mainline Baits team and she’s taken know time to get a carp in the net!…
🍄-HI OMG I KNOW UR BIO uhhh like its a sentence from a song right??? That 'sorry to my unknown lover' chuchu Also d…
RT @fresh_tendor: "Ice Cream Cravings Are Not To Be Taken Lightly." #fruit #pineapple #icecream #cold #summer #dombivli #dombivlikar
@nkoyenkoyenkoye (I'm re-reading the thread right now. I love "cultic pineapple"!)
🚫ただの楪葉🚫の質問箱です 筆遅い16歳・漫画【@pineapple__1234 】穏やかじゃない心の内を毒々しく吐き捨てたりもするので苦手な人はミュート推奨(けど絵は見てほしい)
RT @forest_fate: can you find the golden pineapple in the level #FearFate
RT @alxeanderz: naomi campbell is still that bitch
To a meeting with no coffee just the wrong end of a pineapple @CareQualityComm @DesmondSwayne #Panorama #CQCRestraintReview
RT @razonater: A punjabi asked a fruit vendor payyan apple haiga and he got a pineapple in return
RT @champegnepapi6: tequila pineapple would smack rn 🤧
Pineapple Pizza? — Not