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first game in 15 years and i get 2 milly I am the pinball wizard
RT @danieljyates: Things i wasn’t expecting in Romania #1 : Brighton being mentioned in the first song in the bar (pinball wizard obv…
`Thundermother + Pinball Wizard´en la Sala Porta Caeli Global Music
The Who - Pinball Wizard @YouTubeさんから
The Who - Pinball Wizard
RT @malakjagger: Pinball wizard -The who -Fuck it up Moonie!! -this song made me love the who -one of my favorite riffs -10/10
@tracygarza @pablohidalgo @RanchoObiWan "That Pinball Wizard's just a crazy old man." - Owen 'Roger Daltry' Lars
#nowplaying Pinball Wizard by The Who
At a huge store that has used books and music... had to eliminate some vinyl from my basket because too much $$. Am…
#NowPlaying "Pinball Wizard" by "The Who" on "1976-10-21 Maple Leaf Gardens,Toronto,Ontario"
RT @sskroughriders: The pinball wizard. 🧙‍♂️
Meio de saco cheio com esses esquerdistas, pqp!! Relaxemos...Saravá. Deus nos abençoe!!!! The Who - Pinball Wizard…
RT @sskroughriders: The pinball wizard. 🧙‍♂️
RT @sskroughriders: The pinball wizard. 🧙‍♂️
So "The Trump Prophesy" is coming out, in which a man suggests Trump was "chosen" by God to lead this nation. The m…
At the @HouseofTarg tonight so @GrantLamontagne can be a pinball wizard on his birthday. One of our favourite spots…
We’re really getting crazy with these sound effects. Mendel is a (pinball) wizard. @TulaneUBand
The Who ~ 'Pinball Wizard' from the album Hooligans (Disc 1) [1969]
Slušam Pinball Wizard. Koji ludak je to skladao...