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RT @darkskinmanson: Does Morrissey just pop up every few months to say racist shit & then disappear? U.K. y’all gotta handle this man.… https://t.co/Fai9hWXgHQ
How to empower teams to reach their full potential and deliver high performance? Check out our latest case study wi… https://t.co/kYoRHAnIsT
RT @GMB: Sainsbury's has decided to introduce 'touch-free' packaging for raw chicken following some concerns from customers… https://t.co/7oyDhhGttR
RT @TrailerJamShow: Freshly Pressed!! How Piers Morgan Gutted Kanye West.. Not a single chill 😂😂😂😓😓😓🚌🚌🚙🚙🚛🚛🔥🔥🔥⚡⚡⚡#TrailerJamShow https://t.co/iwxYcJNnUv
@harvey_s_piers Hola Moncho. Sería necesario el cambio de tarjeta SIM. Puedes consultar nuestras tarifas y contrata… https://t.co/lWzocIJrMA
America here I come 🗽.. Page 45 .. 18-22 April 2018 Piers 92/94 711 12th Ave, NY 10019 ... #artexponewyorkhttps://t.co/qI6XEHC8Tt
RT @InnerPartisan: Morrissey is an answer to the question that no one asked: "What if Piers Morgan were vegan?"
RT @aneczka07: Senator Kogut bije się w pierś i rezygnuje ! https://t.co/hPJAMMgpsw
RT @aneczka07: Senator Kogut bije się w pierś i rezygnuje ! https://t.co/hPJAMMgpsw
@JamesFenn90 Absolutely no surprise you aligning yourself with Barton. Could see you two, Richard Keys and Piers Mo… https://t.co/EG8e1RKt9u
Piers here rising head & shoulders (well just shoulders) above other commentators in bolstering interest in this ev… https://t.co/1AibbV4UzQ
I always knew Piers Morgan was an idiot. Milk in a brew before the teabag? Come on, what kind of imbecile does that
@Jake_Piers 確かにイヴリダの方が基礎値が高いのでそっちかなーと思ってるんですけど、潜在まで考えるとどうなんだろうなぁと思ってたんですよね。 ただせっかく強化するなら長く使い続けたいので見た目の好みでもありかも…🙂
@cutmaker @sterne29 @Zama_Seeliger The Piers Morgan of South Africa. Was talking up getting Lara out yesterday.. P… https://t.co/RwPMVlBlT1
この辺じゃ なかなか うまいステーキが食えなくてね
@pepephone Quiero cambiar de yoigo a pepephone, hay q hacer el tramite de enviar la nueva sim o al ser yo de yoigo no haria falta??
@piersmorgan Let’s face it Piers there is more pressing thing going on that day inc FA cup and more importantly RL… https://t.co/Cjxg7qbqBw
RT @Michael_Buffer: Over the years, on my many trips to the UK, I always TV channel surf in my hotel & would inevitably land on Mr. Win… https://t.co/JpRCWp2rcg
Senator Kogut bije się w pierś i rezygnuje ! https://t.co/hPJAMMgpsw
RT @MMO0216: 中国がガンダムガールズとか俺らの性癖もろぶっ刺さるアプリ出してワロタ https://t.co/HhUewC467C
@piersmorgan Are you invited, Piers?