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@EM_MAculate *or walking past a store front window
if i never had to wear a pair of pants ever again i wouldn't that'd be such a blessing like have u seen my butt
@Sebastian_Melo7 Pickford park 15 minutes be there
@MSNBC kids don’t matter to politicians
RT @MSNBC: Florida state legislators have voted down a motion to hear a bill that would ban assault rifles. Students from MS.… https://t.co/IgdMZDGlA6
@jordancornette No way Tywhon Pickford gets the Newcomer of the Year over Milik Yarbrough - 5x Newcomer of the Week so far.
RT @Everton: 👍 | @JPickford1 has been impressed by new additions @CenkTosun_ and @theowalcott... 👉 https://t.co/pERwJWkiZx https://t.co/Qj6mcIpvRS
Phyfe and Pickford have combined for 2 points tonight. They had 43 points against Valparaiso in January. #MVCHoops
RT @CNN: A student from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was overcome with emotion after the Florida state House voted a… https://t.co/GuX6l8gfkZ
#WednesdayWisdom : "The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power." - Mary Pickford #quote
@ABC our children are working because grownup politicians are not
@AC360 @CNN @VanJones68 grown up politicians are doing nothing
@FoxNews @MZHemingway adult republicans are doing nothing....
RT @ABC: Students in Iowa City, Iowa stage a walkout in protest against gun violence. “Not all of us can vote…not all of us… https://t.co/UV83Iy62iK
RT @Everton: 👍 | @JPickford1 has been impressed by new additions @CenkTosun_ and @theowalcott... 👉 https://t.co/pERwJWkiZx https://t.co/Qj6mcIpvRS
RT @SafcFans: • Empty stadium • Pink seats • Huge debts • Ongoing redundancies • Closed bar kiosks • A non-existent owner • Play… https://t.co/mxPYgrOcQu
@Daisy_1878 He puts a shift in and is a good stopper. To be top six we need better. We don't have one top class cen… https://t.co/oWPLRn7qjQ
@kaycee1017 No 😑 my parents are the worst offenders! Lol After the theater shooting Mary Pickford started checking… https://t.co/lrUfHLn56S
RT @CASCADIAIWFF: @LettFromBaghdad directed by Zeva Oehlbaum & Sabina Krayenbuhl has an encore presentation March 8 at the Pickford!… https://t.co/xgQi5Oy6s6
@Unique_FC_ @Pickford_1x Where the fuck is my post for scoring in a divisions game
@MJMcKean @ElvisCostello Marie Prevost, of Sarnia, ON, was only rivalled by America's sweetheart, Mary Pickford, of… https://t.co/fZlHquTTPd