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why physics why
Physics Bio 134, Maths Bio 124 and Chemistry 124 Test 1 Preparation Extra Classes
RT @sjcolosimo: Setting up medical imaging NEMA tests in the Physics Dept. of Royal Liverpool Hospital for DEPICT. @LivUniWiSE…
RT @EXOdailyTH: [TRANS]170223 เซฮุนคอมเม้นท์โพสท์ในWeiboค่ะ "อ่า คนๆนี้คือชื่อโอเซฮุนหรอครับ?" (©adult_boy94)
x = x₀ + v₀t + at²/2
media 2nd, physics last idiot
@GhaidaaAlharth1 The entire world is nothing without physics 😍🔥
RT @drdyanhj: #Space buffs drool as #NASA announces a major 'discovery beyond our solar system' #Astronomy #Physics #Science
ganiha stat ug chem, ugma physics nasad when pa kaha ko makatulog
I expected to get A for physics or math but wow i'm at a loss of words
Fermi finds possible dark matter clues in Andromeda Galaxy - surprisingly at the centre. #physics #science
RT @NSMQGhana: Many students have great difficulty in answering Physics and Chemistry questions. We've noticed this in all the Regional Contests. #NSMQ2017
そういえば特に何にもない日の日記がアクセス伸びてんのなんなの 下ネタ言わせる気ないでしょ()
I liked a @YouTube video from @DESOLATER_IV Zup! 4 || Physics Based Puzzle Game || 555 Achievements in ~35mins
Hoy di natuloy prelims sa physics bwisit. Haha :((
RT @MarkHaselgrove: I'm no expert. But it sounds like a law of physics is being broken here...
RT @mayarkassem: الاسبوع اللي جاي⬇ شامل physics شامل chemistry شامل geology شامل biology
今日1番びっくりしたことは なおどんが学校に来てたこと。 絶対インフルだと思ってました。 ごめんなさい。笑
RT @mcleish_t: And here's a new book by a physics teacher and a physics professor explaining why there's no 'vs.'…
Simulating Electromagnetic Communication & Interference with COMSOL Multiphysics® | Webinars | Physics Connect