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何のために物理を学ぶのか それは「思考力や (考えることに対する)忍耐力を 身に付けるため」です それなのに覚えて当てはめて 解かせようとする先生は 生徒の未来を本当に思ってくれていません そんな方法で合格したって ついていけなくなる 生徒にとってそれって幸せでしょうか?
RT @novaexperiment: Patricia Vahle, Mansfield Associate Prof. of Physics @williamandmary. NOvA collaborator since 2007: Analysis Coordi…
Wish I liked physics more because semiconductor physics is too interesting 🤤
Shetttt physics
When physics goes goth: "in the dark sector, a massive dark photon would convey a dark version of electromagnetism."
All science is either physics or stamp collecting. - Ernest Rutherford.
RT @pvesterbacka: Lightneer's Big Bang Legends: Particle Physics Through Play #funlearning #madeofatoms #singapore #finland
@suhazree physics masih best ka? Just wondering,haha
RT @rvaidya2000: dear Sir Dear Sir-- Dont even argue--Much of Physics is sub set of pure maths:))))
Sape tak cukup ahli grup physics sila dm saya, saya rajin 🙇
Physics...why you keel me liek dis? #KasaBot
Yes native languages must be taught in singular subject form. Can't teach physics in IsiZulu come exams your assessed in English
The Key to Understanding AI May be Buried in the Laws of Physics
RT @IWEveryDay: Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski: Physicist who studies string theory and high energy physics
82 in wavelength standards, spectroscopy, solid state physics, interactions #tcspf4247919392dc019d5835d76535db9aa
RT @tg_editor: 羽海野チカ先生も見守るなか、藤井四段と羽生三冠の対局が行われました。 「リアル「三月のライオン」?現役中学生プロ棋士の藤井VS羽生三冠の獅子王戦が「桐山VS宗谷」と話題に」 @umiushi_koroさんから #トゥギャトピ
~にてこずる、手を焼く have trouble with ~ 【例】私は物理は苦手だ。  I have trouble with physics.
@TheForceSnores it's a beautiful love story. She fell in love with her physics tutor :p
i want to whine my stress out ghad physics i hate you now