RT @IngenieroGeek: ¿Photoshop? Tú lo que necesitas es AutoCAD, SolidWorks o hasta CATIA, pinche fea.
@artopb @rossdiazz @michelaguilarv está cm el Photoshop de the city pásenmelo pa poner en la cámara de mi casa que llegó temprano y sobria
need someone to photoshop shawn michaels' sweet chin music to LeBron
@Advil @calvinstowell it's one of the only movies that you're not turned off by the horrible old school graphics
Agregué un video a una lista de reproducción de @YouTube El Coro Gun Painting Demonstration - Photoshop and
Anselm Velvet PS Action CreativeWork247 – Fonts, Graphics, Themes, Tem…
Failed to initialize Unity graphics
I needed to take pictures for a review today. Instead I spent all day watching photoshop tutorials. Am I any better in photoshop? No...
I liked a @YouTube video Tutorial: Como editar tu render en Minecraft en Photoshop.
RT jonatthan1992: Get Premium Web UI Kit,Graphics for Designers & Web Developers #graphi
Me gustó un video de @YouTube de @RGinHD Is the GTX 670 still a good graphics card? | 2016 Performance and
En realidad no me gustó ninguno, pero debo aprender a vivir sin photoshop.
RT @UnrulyGFX: 1K Giveaway FREE GFX! 4x PRIZES Enter: @DNR_CREW @NightRTs @FameRTs @YTRetweets…
RT @UnrulyGFX: 1K Giveaway FREE GFX! 4x PRIZES Enter: @DNR_CREW @NightRTs @FameRTs @YTRetweets…
@CSMTCB I could easily do the same without photoshop. People are so gullible.