RT @celoxx_: tô me irritando com essa parada mané, se a garota e magra idai mano ?????? ela tá feliz assim porra, foda-se se ela…
@chrissyteigen can you photoshop your face here and tweet at your newly refound friend @realDonaldTrump ?
RT @realJediMan: @ROHLL5 Now check out what I just made with photoshop
@MoroniGamerYT_ Eu fasso Banners Logos Header SIGNATURE THUMB Photoshop
RT @Baileywinters97: Lol God bless @TPACE10 for saving my ass with this photoshop stuff
RT @alittlebitartsy: pure as heck boyfriends talking about their sparring. #BokuNoHeroAcademia #bnha #MyHeroAcademia #mha #shoujimezou…
am I trippin or did you photoshop your dogs head in on the left?
Lol God bless @TPACE10 for saving my ass with this photoshop stuff
Instead of a buying a subscription for services can we move to a credit system. e.g buy 200 hours of photoshop inst…
RT @xPhenomenal1: Someone gotta photoshop “I’m leaving” on Bron’s other wristband Lmaoo 포토샵기초봇에대한 질문은 이쪽으로 부탁드립니다 !
@NPMPParty Where would Arabs be without Photoshop?
Qué sacan con ponerse tanto photoshop en las fotos si cuando uno los ve en persona se asustan. Cómo dicen por ahí: "sean autoctonos" haha
RT @CanisInfernalis: Il nome della rosa Gift for @Kalpeakoira ! Currently not home so I don´t have photoshop and had very limited time…
RT @1Sexxy_Lacey36g: Please note I use the word #Pussy if it may offend you please turn VOLUME down~Also as we all know we can't…
RT @DxddyBart: Fav y dibujo tu avatar de twitter en photoshop...
@gear32bR @loveclaudiab Hit me up. I’ll photoshop anything for my Houston people.
RT @myouimina: ok but why did someone photoshop mina holding a gun
RT @Sonakshi_V: Ahh bad photoshop again 🙄 फ़र्ज़ीवॉडाँ at its peak .
@Victor90076839 kkkkkkkk professor de photoshop