RT @mygskin: me encantan las fotos de los chicos medio borrosas en plan boyfriend material, salen siempre super bonitos a mi me…
RT @YohIchi_N: #宝石の国 10話 コンセプトアート 気配 #adobe #photoshop 使用 #housekinokuni EP10 Concept Art Sign Traditional+Digital…
urgente no caso, HOJE, já que eu não consigo salvar nem as coisas que eu faço no photoshop o pior é que esse aqui f…
Fr I don’t go thousands of dollars in debt for this school not to photoshop me 😂😂
@valzzzf eu nao acredito eh photoshop isso aí
@donaltrumparody are you open to your loyal followers pitching you ideas? Here are some of mine -Photoshop of Trum…
@dctravis @owenbearjamin I personally use Photoshop because i've been using it for over 20 years but it's like a sw…
@FiTopiaSword Yeah, I know. I guess people Photoshop their Switches to make 'em look bigger.
@espn yo @barstoolsports @stoolpresidente, you should sue ESPN for encroaching on your crappy joke/bad photoshop territory.
RT @hilesiherseyin: Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Full İndir #Adobe #Adobecrack #adobeindir #adobephotoshop #adobephotoshopcc…
RT @ljeffwilliams: Ok Photoshop experts. I need y'all to put Trump's face on these knees.... PRETTY PLEASE!!!!! #TrumpKnees
AHAHAHA kidding aside, thank you really to @cranberieee for my profile picture and @Yienmarkypooh for my banneeerrr…
RT @Sethisto_EQD: I'm lovin Persona 5. Wish I had the photoshop skills to make a banner in that style. It's such an exciting design
@paulabi03 É Photoshop será?...kkk
Guy Brilliantly Trolls People On Twitter When They Ask Him For Photoshop Help
@eldiariodedross Los envidiosos dirán que es Photoshop, claro que son las bebas de Dross :v
Me gustó un video de @YouTube Como Hacer Miniaturas Estilo elrubiusOMG / Crear Miniaturas en Photoshop CS6
RT @Nittomata: Never touching Photoshop again
@ira Can someone please photoshop a bear attack?
Bono's dye job looks almost natural on the cover of @RollingStone next time photoshop the face more!
Princess girl photoshop cc Manipulation 2018
@SpnJarpadFan use the photoshop mix app !