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RT @faceinthenews: I can't be at home on the phone without my parents getting involved 🙍🏽
left phone at home :(
RT @MinnieScarlet: My site is 100% mobile compatible! You can view everything on your phone anytime📱😏 //
@mixiemix22 For you to use your credit it would need to be an online order you process. This can be done by you at home or over the phone.
RT @Genius: dope to see travis scott on all these collabs with his idol 💯
RT @MickAtko: Graffiti by applied by gang of 3 as I waited for train home. I reported to police. One vandal stoned me after tryin…
I forgot my phone at home and so when I checked snapchat I saw that it snowed and I MISSED IT SMH 😤😫❄️🌨
Phone's still broken so i'll reply when i'm home
Good girls staying home put their fingers on the phone cause they all friends with the bad girls
RT @mediamocracy: We don't want a toy that wants to “Phone Home”: cc @finnmyrstad #dataethics
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sometimes honestly just leaving your phone at home when you go out for a day is great, i was so detached from society i didnt even realise
Friends from back home that can stay up all night long and talk about life on the phone 👌🏼. Those are the people everyone needs
RT @Pappiness: The only experience Dr. Ben Carson has with HUD is that he owns a home, so now I'm applying for CEO of Apple because I own a phone.
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I did not touch my phone at work at all today. I came home with a full battery. It was that busy 😩.
I hate wen I get texts saying I used my data and I'm not even on my phone & if I was I'm home connected to wifi
@thebookkofeli I'm just gonna leave my phone at home for next semester cuz I just can't
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I wish I could just "forget" my phone at home for a day and not need it.
@_RachelLupin //Thank you. I won't have my phone but I'll be home in a few days and I'll message you then to let you know how it went <3
@Papapishu @pixelatedboat nah all you need is a phone and a credit card and I don't know anyone without phone, a credit card and a home wait
"How to download Netflix movies and TV shows to your phone or tablet"