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RT @manuroro01: @Aveefeniix @VigilantesV @Artur_Sanchez71 @JM_Phone_Home es percepción esto no está ocurriendo solo lo imaginan
Every time my home phone rings I assume someone died
I hate when I forget my calculator home and gatta use my phone !!!!!!!
we made you the wifi code & its saved in my phone. sometimes i type it in the dots just to see if i'm home.
RT @Mehreen_Sibtain: Journalists have right to film & worldwide jurnos in field record videos, it was not anusha's home but premises of SC where phone is allowed
Grab Spartan underwear to protect yourself from cell phone and laptop radiation.
RT @RideForLiife: * When you forget your phone at home *
RT @ShakespeareSong: I am at a pay phone attempting to call thy home, all of my currency I hath squandered upon thee.
RT @RideForLiife: * When you forget your phone at home *
RT @afronomics_: it was that easy. all from a locked phone. I could've got directions to her car and her home. that shit scared me.
Odd thing is, I’m constantly on the phone w/ strangers in a professional capacity and it’s not a problem at all. It only manifests at home.
@b_luefunk it's on my dads phone because mine died but i will post it for you when he gets home
Phone tip- if phone keeps getting warn , turn off some apps, remove apps from home screen, replace battery
I made my phone home screen and lock screen my fav ship from ACCA, you can judge me
I go to call my dad for his birthday but he left his phone at home 😣 I was so excited to call him lol
Nsait my phone charger 😀💔 w My phone is 33% right now... I wont be back home for another 6 hrs 🤦🏻‍♀️
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I want to leave my phone at home and drive to the beach and relax all day
RT @PropertyWire: Home movers say broadband issues are important, along with mobile phone service, new research shows
RT @Blahhbriii: "Do you have homework" "Why don't I ever see you do work at home anymore" "Get off your phone"
Clearly I'll be stalking her phone when I get home.
@VodafoneIreland signed up with vodafone sales over the phone....... really need this dealt with ASAP as we work from home