Objective-Based Design: A creative approach to solving any business challenge via @dtelepathy #UXdesign #design
@CaraSantaMaria You might disagree, as some in the science field do, but teaching kids philosophy promotes skepticism and critical thinking.
RT @davidfrawleyved: India's intellectuals need to study the profound system of Vedanta, not waste their time on worn out leftist thought
RT @Kas1kOne: #pet Cat Philosophy - Always lick after meals.
While reviewing my posts looking @ Trump's behaviorism a/o his psychological philosophy @ being rooted in defamation
RT @LondonIsBlue12: Joe Cole: "Chelsea have been excellent this season. Conte has been able to get his philosophy across and the way he wants to play." #CFC
#pet Cat Philosophy - Always lick after meals.
@caitrin_r we have beginning philosophy online tests that you need 100% in to move on 😭😭😭😭
RT @ASDAN_Media: The @eef is recruiting primary schools to its P4C Philosophy for Children trial to help with reasoning/social skills
RT @qzindia: A philosophy professor explains why you’re not entitled to your opinion
RT @evantthompson: A marvellous meditation . Poetry, philosophy, and memoir merge in ecological thinking at its best.
Omg I need to be sleep I just went on rant to a complete stranger on my philosophy of couples spoiling each other 🙃
I learned much more about acting from philosophy courses, psychology ... #TimRobbins #quotation
RT @BharatAbhyuthan: India was The Motherland of Our Race, and Sanskrit The Mother of Europe’s Languages: She was The Mother of Our Phil…
RT @philmellows: The philosophy of alcohol - @Jamesqnicholls covers all the angles:
RT @ingebor7: Der Mensch ist nicht nach dem zu beurteilen, was er weiß, sondern nach dem, was er liebt. #Augustinus #zitat…
@Our_Till That should be everyone's philosophy in life. The world would be a much better place.
@youtopos @Nicolam777 We call the xeno relation of venom to philosophy envenonment: 'Let there be venom.' It premiered at #TSpec4 recently.
The most valuable lesson that I have learned from this teacher is how to live and be a person. Thank you sir Ralph!…