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RT @3rdPeriodSuits: Maple Leafs defensemen that have played 500 mins or more with a worse 5v5 GF% and/or 5v5 CF% than Dion Phaneuf:
@MarionWilliamB Phaneuf also hades points than Zaitsev and Gardiner while making MUCH more. Leafs freed up 7M is space. 0 regrets.
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RT @ThatFishCreigh: Dion Phaneuf has more goals than any defensemen on the Toronto Maple Leafs
Mitch McConnell and his wife in up to their necks...
RT @Amy_Siskind: Oh boy. What gives Trump - is Fox News now #fakenews too? The country is firmly turning against you!
RT @roqchams: Planting the seed for future large-scale walk-outs, hundreds of strikes are taking place coast-to-coast
RT @Sheryl23373427: Washington Post op-ed says what many are thinking: 'Admit it: Trump is unfit to serve'
RT @HalloweenBlogs: LOL. Every time GOP wrongfully keep a woman from job she's entitled to, it just does NOT go well for them.
RT @Sheryl23373427: House Republicans launch special investigation to protect Donald Trump from Russia scandal @Jchaffetz Betrays USA 🇺🇸
RT @DemsTalk: Don't worry Dubya, history will be kinder to you thanks to Trump. #cspanPOTUSsurvey
RT @Timodc: It is significant that the President has said the press is the enemy of the American people yet he has never said the same about V. Putin.
RT @MarlowNYC: Here's the disgusting audio of Trump on 9/11 bragging about how his building is now the tallest in Lower Manhattan:
RT @nytimes: Council staff members get up in the morning, read Donald J. Trump's tweets and struggle to make policy to fit them.
RT @MattAsherS: .@MSNBC reporting Patraeus has turned down NSA job b/c WH wouldn't allow him to control policy and have his own people. WH demands Bannon.
RT @ImTheoMarshall: And #MitchMcConnell loves everything #donaldtrump is doing. #MarcoRubio questions #RexTillerson C-SPAN via @YouTube
RT @zackfox: doctor: it's a boy congratulations mom: how many soundcloud plays he got doctor: i wh-- mom:
RT @JKH2: There's more love than hate but the hatred is really really loud.
RT @DavidRosenthal_: There's so much you could do with $. Give it to small ind. outlets, high school student journalists, help free impr…
RT @ReformedBroker: JFK took a lot of shit in the press for Bay of Pigs. Here’s what he said when asked if he still reads newspapers an…
RT @dpoignon: Don Lemon Cuts Off Trump Surrogate, Ends Show Early | Crooks and Liars via @crooksandliars