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RT @funder: Jareds dad Charles Kushner-plead guilty-lying about pol donations-cheating on taxes-prosecutor was Chris Christie…
RT @slpng_giants: .@GovHowardDean you haven't joined us yet! Instead of refusing to buy anything on Breitbart, let them know they're…
RT @HawaiiDelilah: I urge Democrats to ignore Sanders and not just challenge but actively obstruct Trump.
RT @speechboy71: It's a weird time we're living in when standing up to a powerful person who mocks someone with a disability makes you an elitist
RT @tbonier: Yep. They announced this 16 months ago. It was an agreement with UAW. A labor union. They got this done, not you.
RT @SenBlumenthal: No Cabinet nominee should be considered w/o financial disclosure&background check. I am calling for a timeout until necessary info submitted
RT @TheDemCoalition: Democrats open their opposition research books on Trump's nominees to the public via @HuffPostPol
RT @NikitaKitty: Thank you, Sen Brown for saying you will not support Jeff Sessions. Dems stand united against civil rights abuse. #JusticeEquality4All
RT @RandyRainbow: When the teleprompter says "please wrap it up" before you've even mentioned sexual harassment, tax evasion or tiny…
RT @GeorgeTakei: This isn't a dynasty. The emperor doesn't get to appoint his son-in-law as chief advisor. There are rules and laws against this.
#nowplaying veline Fischer - Nuts And Bolts (Dave Phaneuf & Sam Wolf) MID By Dave Phaneuf & Sam Wolf2003-07-11 16:13:32 0 #γ“γ‚Œθ΄γ„γ¦γ‚‹γ‚“γ γ‹γ‚‰γ­γ£
@AdnanOnMUFC Only thing wrong with that is the Sens then have to protect Phaneuf and Beauchemin on the blueline, and probably let Methot go
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RT @ProtectWinters: Who doesn't love a POW Day? If you're in UT on Friday, join us: @SkiUtah @SNOCRU @Freeskier
RT @JamilKhoja: @LAKings wanna trade? Phaneuf for Doughty?
@rearnakedchoke @mdnightwriter Phaneuf? Yeah, he's been over-everythinged. Even Sean Avery thinks so.
RT @IntelisysCorp: Get ready to be inspired: 365 great quotes for 2017 - via @Inc:
@rearnakedchoke @mdnightwriter no idea... it's not like Phaneuf has been anything special either, and that's the No. 2 pair.
@NapsAndSarcasm I'd pick him for those reasons and just so we could say we got a captain out of the Phaneuf deal.
@DarrenWHaynes whoever thought Stajan would be the best of all out of the Sjostrom Phaneuf Aulie trade for Stajan Mayers Hagman White?
RT @IntelisysCorp: Seven in ten enteprises concerned about #IoT security - study - via @ChannelnomicsEU:
RT @6thSens: It's almost like the Bobby Ryan and Phaneuf deals shouldn't have been made in the first place. Funny that.