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RT @RepLizCheney: Barack Obama has chosen to end his presidency the same way he began it--aiding America's enemies. My full statement:
Julian Assange Says He Will Return to U.S. After Manning Decision
RT @JenJenMichelle: All of us about to have Eli Manning face the next four years
RT @FollowWestwood: "Let’s dance and sing and scream and shout, Chelsea Manning is let out!" - Vivienne Westwood. #ChelseaManning…
RT @laurengermans: Natalie Manning compassionate kickass pediatrician has the best pep talks pure hearted her brotp with connor >…
RT @NewssTrump: Judge Judy Has PRICELESS Response To Obama Letting Tranny Traitor Chelsea Manning Free
RT @foxnation: .@krauthammer Slams Obama's 'Unbelievable Hypocrisy' in Manning Commutation on '#First100Days'
Pentagon chief did not recommend Manning commutation @POTUS @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems PATRAEUS GOT OFF EASY!
RT @sdutzeigler: Not sure anyone noticed but UNLV JC commit Anthony Smith played for Ground-Up AAU club run by Shaun Manning, who is Brandon McCoy's guardian
RT @FoxNewsResearch: The #Obama Admin used the Espionage Act seven times against govt employees for leaking information to the press
Obama gives Chelsea Manning reprieve in WikiLeaks case 》 》 》》
@livingoutloudme not to come forward with I mean on the videos released by manning those commuted the attacks reviewing the attacks all knew
RT @TheEconomist: What were the consequences of Chelsea Manning's leak of classified documents?
RT @CBScheel: The Long Ordeal of Whistleblower Chelsea Manning By Amy Goodman & Denis Moynihan via @democracynow
RT @EricLevitz: The idea that lengthy sentences are necessary for deterring crime is the myth on which mass incarceration was built.
RT @SWagenknecht: #Manning wird freigelassen! Aber was ist mit #Snowden #Assange? Die Aufdeckung von Verbrechen ist kein Verbrechen!
RT @MattWalshBlog: Bradley Manning is still a traitor. And he’s also still a man.
VVA to Obama: Why pardon felons and not suffering vets?
RT @Doctrine_Man: A cautionary tale about what can happen when we sacrifice standards to build the force quickly.
BBC Brasil - Por que Obama reduziu a pena de Chelsea Manning, a militar que vazou documentos dos EUA ao Wikileaks
Chelsea Manning Finally Free! Whistleblower's Prison Sentence Commuted. via @YouTube
RT @JenJenMichelle: All of us about to have Eli Manning face the next four years
RT @wikileaks: Manning lawyer David Coombs on how the US government used Manning to go after Assange & press freedoms