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RT @cherub_bitch: peter steele was and always will be my dream man
I'm a 'specist.' I hate the human race. Of course, therefore, I hate my... #PeterSteele #quotes
Okay update: Peter Steele look-a-like. His name is Damien and I'm about to nüt.
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My goal in life is to be the female version of Peter Steele
Je suis un peu jalouse de la chevelure de Peter Steele
@lxseyourself peter Steele holding his dick is only funny when I'm tripping balls and I decide to send it to everyone in my phone #trustory via @YouTube Don't know where summer went but a cool tune to start off the month. R. I. P. Peter Steele
Peter Steele holding his Steele Peter
The other half of me ❤ Peter Steele Ratajczyk ❤ always in my heart and music #typeonegative
falei do varg ser lindão mas agr to pensando no peter steele
anyways Goodnight Peter Steele better be alive when I wake up or I'm suing God
I really need to snap out of this Peter Steele lifestyle and stop drinking a bottle of red wine every night
Listen to Peter Steele - Ardor (Original Mix) by Black Hole Recordings #np on #SoundCloud
Apparently between Peter Steele PG issue and a Barb Wire unmarked calendar found cleaning out file cabinet, I own a lot of $$$ porn?
RT @Nostra_cantus: Começa a curtir Bathory Quorthon morreu Começa a curtir Type O Negative Peter Steele morreu Começa a curtir Woods of Ypres David Gold Morreu
I think aerobics are great, of course, but it just bores me out of my mind. #PeterSteele #quotation
Let's just pretend this is Peter Steele's skull, shall we? ❤️
Great pic, you drew of Peter Steele.❣
#vivalaradionetwork L’estate sta finendo, è tempo di Type O Negative
√ L’estate sta finendo, è tempo di Type O Negative