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RT @disneyquote45: ฉันก็แค่ไม่อยากโตเป็นผู้ใหญ่ - เวนดี้ (Peter Pan)
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Who remembers when Lucius Malfoy was Mr. Darling in Peter Pan? @jasonsfolly
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RT @bscheer1198: Forever in love with Pleasant Hill Hillside Singers. Peter Pan was executed so well.😭😍 @MidWSCConfess
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"Netherlands isnt real. Its where Peter Pan and the fairies lived." -Joey 😂 BRUH HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAA
강철 멘탈. 기스라도 나면 얘기 해. @Tinker_Bell_G
@akbullets make bitches fly (dress my girl up nice) like peter pan (peter pan gives the ability to fly when you're around him)
Knp sampe sekarang selalu nangis kalo denger lagu ini? ♫ Peter Pan by EXO —
RT @r5ftmcfly: 21st. Disney Family Movie Night. We'll all be watching Peter Pan because mom's never seen it.
i make bitches fly like peter pan do
"이상하다? 웬만한 곳은 다 돌아본건데... 어, 고마워. 아니 그냥... 예쁘구나, 해서"
Now I understand why "Peter Pan" doesn't want to grow up. 😩 #ALDUBKamiLang
I'm watching Once Upon A Time and Peter Pan looks just like my old roommate. I've realized I still wanna punch him dead in his throat 😊.
@djcollins75 Me, myself, and I duhhhh 💁🏼💁🏼nahh I lie it's from Peter Pan
RT @CultureDirect: Le prénom Wendy a été créé pour le livre de Peter Pan. Il n'y a jamais eu de personne enregistrée avec ce prénom avant.
“To live would be an awfully big adventure.” - Peter Pan💛
@soojugx wendy bukan buat peter pan, walau mereka dekat, tapi peter pan hanya suka sebatas teman karena dia gamau beranjak dewasa.
RT @WorldNotes1D: Louis siempre me recuerda a Peter Pan con sus saltos,buenos días o buenas noches/madrugadas *CB #NOW2016…
Peter pan that's what they call me