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Bob Dylan did the first really long record - Like A Rolling Stone - I... #PeteTownshend #quotes
I feel for my kid. When grows up & gets Jules Verne or Sue Townshend in gifts, I'm going to be fighting tooth & nail over who reads first.
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#Rock #nowplaying Pete Townshend - Let My Love Open The Door
Now Playing: Pete Townshend - A Little Is Enough - #classicrock
Great gear! A very British sound..
RT @jetfan1: Names Not in the Songwriters Hall and Not nominated this year: Prince, N.Young, P. Townshend, G. Harrison, Roger Mi…
Would Pete Townshend @TheWho do the honor to introduce @PearlJam? And a jam session w/ @DaveKrusen + @jackironsmusic is a must! #RnRHOF
Pete Townshend - Let My Love Open The Door [August 1980]
Pete Townshend - Let My Love Open The Door :: #NowPlaying #np #80s @
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@gekizetsu On Dec. 16, 1983, guitarist Pete Townshend announced that he was leaving the Who, effectively ending the band...
Weller was Jake Fluckery. Macca was Paul Ramone (who The Ramones were named after) but the best pseudonym is Pete Townshend's - Bijou Drains
I felt that The Who had ended because we'd lost touch with our origin... #PeteTownshend #quotes
#Amazon #Canada All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes Pete Townshend (Artist) | Format: Audio CD 13,7... #Music
Ce n'est ni Jimi Hendrix ni Pete Townshend ou Kurt Cobain qui détiennent le record du plus grand nombre de guitares cassées ...
Backstage, I get sleepy, and want to curl up and snooze. I never get ... #PeteTownshend #quotes
['Love', "Reign O'er Me"] by Pete Townshend now playing on @GashouseRadio