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Just Cause 3 would be the perfect game for such comparison.
David Cone/ Don Larsen/ David Wells Autographed MLB Baseball With Perfect Game Inscription by..
I liked a @YouTube video from @koriasutibun yall told me this was a perfect game... (Witcher 3 - Constipation
RT @sameul_office: Well done to our Stormers playing the perfect game plan against the Tahs!
最高潮のエンディングへ そうさボクが導くよLet’s Go! 天才無敵の主人公 -Revolution Perfect Game〜BugLug Quest〜
RT @MilohDaGlitcher: Fuck activision. They added fucking supply drops to almost a perfect game, and they fucking ruined it
SickRage: Started Download: Tosh.0 - 6x15 - Perfect Game Bowler - 720p WEB-DL from ExtraTorrent
Perfect game: FPS-Platformer structured like a Metroidvania, with additional building/farming/social sim elements ala Minecraft/Harvest Moon
RT @Pitt_SB: 🚨 PERFECT GAME ALERT! 🚨 Junior Kayla Harris has just pitched the Panthers' second perfect game in program history…
📙📘📗📕 Bring Your Own Book - the perfect game for #WorldBookDay 😄Free 1st class delivery if you order by 1pm Wednesda…
@NerdslayerG Sad I always wanted to play CoH when I was a kid but couldn't, it was basically like the perfect game for me when I was a kid.
神尾くんの曲リクエストしたんだけど!?!?ありがとうテニカフェ初期校にも優しい!!!リクエストしたのPERFECT GAMEだかえーすおぶえーしずだったか忘れたけどさ!!!ハハハ!!!
RT @antvacio: *singing and rolling around on the ground* "I'm playing that pitch perfect game but by myself" - @allisonjparker4
Alright 受け取ったよ 君からのサイン(Alright who's gonna come) ほらちょうど1人なのも 飽きてきたとこ(waiting such a bore) 【Perfect Game】
カラオケでPERFECT GAME歌ったったwwwwwwwwwwww楽しすぎwwwwwwww
*singing and rolling around on the ground* "I'm playing that pitch perfect game but by myself" - @allisonjparker4
I can't believe persona 5 is the closest thing to a 100% perfect game we're ever going to get.... thank you atlus
also I feel like Nier Automata is a perfect game just because of how never at one point I wasn't having fun with the game
from $2500.0 - Felix Hernandez 2012 Perfect Game Used Signed #Baseball Coa Cy Young 8-15-12
@Guerrilla @hermenhulst Congratulations #HorizontZeroDawn a perfect game! Please place the Aloy stick always visible as the bow and arrow :)