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RT @rogueclassicist: ok ... reading Percy Jackson with my grade sixes ... anyone know if Mr Brunner in the book (a centaur) is based on Ted of TLG fame?
C'est bon j'ai fini percy Jackson 5
Can I just like??? I love Percy Jackson so much!!!
Flash, Hermione and Percy Jackson
percy jackson oranges
RT @sal20nini: Will Herondale/ Percy Jackson (I can't choose sorry)
RT @Gembooklover: Reading Percy Jackson Greek God's makes me realise how miss I reading in Percy's POV. Hope we got more stories in his POV @camphalfblood
vou começar a ler Percy Jackson hoje
RT @c_mestizo_: Resumen de las sagas de Percy Jackson: "¿Soy un niño con problemas? Sí. Podríamos llamarlo así."
RT @CHARAESTHETlCS: annabeth chase // percy jackson and the olympians
RT @CHARAESTHETlCS: percy jackson // percy jackson and the olympians
@pjoamv OH IVE BEEN WONDERING how does hoo fit into The Percy Jackson Series do you read it afterwards or what
percy jackson é feito de sol, estrelas, água do mar e muito amor, existem ondas de amor e compaixão dentro dele que move o mundo
@rileymarie1196 percy jackson, simon vs the homo sapiens agenda, eveything leads to you!
@SelinaWilken getting on her horse was very LoTR, but rising from he water? That was very Percy Jackson of her, in my opinion :)
me: i love percy jackson yall: [make percy white] me: i cant read suddenly i dont know
@skyyrojas Percy Jackson 🙁 HAHAHAHAHAHA