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@widric_ god wid did you know I got the tiny harvin idol girl and it's tearing me apart that I don't play
RT @bcondotta: Xavier Rhodes, who Vikings took with 1st round pick they got from Seattle in Percy Harvin trade, made first Pro Bowl today.
RT @BoMarchionte: R.J. Shelton #Spartans MVP is Percy Harvin type offensive threat
RT @Rhuigi: Postmates all my Christmas shopping #2016
RT @Jasminearmanii: Oh my bad u thought I was gon sugar coat shit
My coworkers just did the mannequin challenge 😭😭
@HarVinnyB anyways I'm here to discuss buisness. It involves the Harvin name
@HarVinnyB stalking my profile is just another sign that I'm the OG harvin
@HarVinnyB wtf you're harvin # 2. I'm the OG harvin
@ItsHarvin how's it going Harvin #2?
@Bria_Harvin on here being grown 🤔 lol
RT @Tiffoni__: Haven't heard a rumor about me that was true yet😕😌 I be like oh I did that? Didn't even know ctfu