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RT @SBNationCFB: Baker Mayfield drew a flag and then threw a TD immediately afterward, and #MayfieldSZN continues
RT @NDFootball: 33-yard rush and a 15-yard penalty on MSU puts the Irish at the 35. #GoIrish#NDvsMSU
RT @helenprejean: This latest "healthcare" proposal is another kind of death penalty for many innocent citizens.
RT @brfootball: In the penalty area. No penalty.
@DakotaKai_WWE Penalty kick ❤️
@F5_CUSARefs Is that penalty a silent call?
RT @brfootball: In the penalty area. No penalty.
PK SAVE: Bobby Shuttleworth lunges to save the penalty
PENALTY: Collin Martin concedes the penalty just inside the box
RT @BRAVESSPORTS: Warford scoops the punt off the hop, returns it 10 yards, and then a horse collar penalty. Braves will take over at their own 43-yd line
RT @JamesPearceEcho: FT: Leicester 2 #LFC 3: Massive win for the Reds as they end four-game winless streak. Mignolet penalty save from Vardy so key.
RT @JLMcCuistion: Anyone have the current penalty totals? Feels pretty lopsided.
RT @kevinbonham: Abetz also voted NO to neutering Tasmania's anti-gay sex laws (max penalty 25 years prison). He hasn't changed. #politas
RT @JLMcCuistion: Anyone have the current penalty totals? Feels pretty lopsided.
RT @BRUNODERRIEN: But non valable . L'attaquant rentre dans la SR avant le penalty. Arbitre mal placé . Reprise du jeu CFI
Thats a penalty, i saw 3 pumps during the celebration at the end
@Buccigross I mean it's a penalty but not suspension worthy in my opinion. League is hard on plays like this, but let the real cheapshots go
RT @MainManFirmino: Salah misses a sitter scores a stunner Mignolet concedes a penalty saves the penalty Welcome to the life of Liverpool
@stobbekevin Receiver did step out and appeared to re-establish before touching ball, but penalty is loss of down a…
RT @keithevansun: pretty crazy how penn state should have gotten the death penalty instead of receiving 4 and 5 star athletes in recruitment
[Yahoo Sports] Mayfield threw a TD 1 play after drawing an unsportsmanlike penalty #Sooners
RT @bchapman_WREG3: Zach Adams has been convicted of kidnapping, raping & murdering #HollyBobo. Today, jurors start to decide if he sho…
RT @TotalMLS: Shuttleworth saves Diaz's penalty!!!!!!!
I want to see the penalty comparison after this game bc you can't tell me Baylor hasn't held someone
West Ham 2-1 Southampton: Slavan Bilic says half-time was critical # #WestHam #WestHam