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@mofu41 @m_peace_lovely わわわ!!私も手作りクッキー好き食べたい🙋💞
RT @TheGabbieShow: all i want is world peace and a burrito.
RT @20committee: This ought to be of interest to the House & Senate Intelligence Committees. And the FBI.
RT @Friendstagram: Surround yourself with peace and positivity.
I can never be held back by, with things I have made peace with #nextLEVEL
a very special day, this special peace of shit i boni 16 vjet e spo durohet. i love u loooooooootz❤️
RT @BadMoodKermit: Me: damn I like this person and I want a bae Me to me: Your hoes ? Your freedom ? Your peace of mind? Your goin t…
RT @ItsMureithi: We need to maintain peace,it will be a benefit to us all @MceeJusto @mercy_kaycee @254Celebrities #IAmForPeace2017
RT @JohnHeaner: @Khanoisseur Trump's shady lawyer @MichaelCohen212 is dancing a pretty fast dance over that "sealed envelope":
RT @livechristian1: Lord, I can’t just sit back any longer, waiting for peace to materialize. Show me the way as I go after Your peace. #Amen
RT @PrimeTimeAnt: Rest In Peace ❤️ to the realist. Taught me many lessons, you always believed in me and I will never forget what you…
Keep calm and make it happen ! Have this day totally your way ... #love #peace #harmony
RT @_nigeldarius: learn to express & love yourself in the highest form. when you do, comparison disappears while peace & contentment emerge.
RT @9thSage: focus on everything & everyone that makes you happy & brings peace to you. everything else is a distraction.
@Coin_and_Peace 今のところサラリーマンより無職多くて闇すぎる(笑)
@SamuelAbram7 omg okay but i would throw up the peace sign at the most inconvenient times
RT @Superfly_staff: 【💘✌️🔥】 デビュー10周年記念日の4/4(火)に、Superfly 10th Anniversary Greatest Hits『LOVE, PEACE & FIRE』リリース! CD3枚組・全曲最新リマスタリング音源での収録…
RT @_Sowless: Cancers (good qualities) -personally my fav sign. -largest hearts I've ever seen -beautiful💗 -positive..all about peace -family oriented
RT @LegionsCouncil: RT impiaguanio: OHT: #ALDUBxDTBYin5Days SPREAD LOVE PEACE UNITY HARMONY FOLLOW: legionofaldub