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RT @Benoo_Brown: me at 11:59pm on the day before payday:
but, it’s payday tomorrow!! so it’s all good 😜😜
How is payday not here yet holllyy
RT @doitfor_MNY: 내가 나이는 어릴지 몰라도, 배우는 건 빠르다고!
RT @doitfor_MNY: 야망은 뜨겁게, 실행은 차갑게.
@talkRADIO @paulross Payday loans have crippled our finances. I’m self employed too. We’re at our last £50 till Monday #lifeonthedge
I get excited thinking about payday then remember the hundreds of dollars that get taken from my check bc of taxes and excitement is lost
RT @FPBland: Banks & payday lenders are attacking @CFPB rule on #ripoffclause on grounds it is supposedly bad for credit unions…
@MyFavMurder WHY must you do this 5 days before payday?
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RT @graceoldroydx: payday needs to hurry up, so skint can't even deal
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When I joke saying cheesecake from hyatt... he said "can do" 😂😂😂 just coz tomorrow his ballin cash -- payday & scholarship refund 😂😂
@azzyiguess I know it can be upsetting but gv ppl a chance. Some may not have their cards nearby or waiting for payday or simply busy atm...
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RT @Benoo_Brown: me at 11:59pm on the day before payday:
When payday comes and £93 goes straight to @ProteinWorld. Luckily a bit of discount makes it cheaper 😍
RT @_SexySadie_: “I’ll send on payday” “I’m broke but will send soon” “I’ll tribute after I get to know you” “I’ll pay after” #findom
@aininhussnaa how much for only one person? I need to see when is the ticket launch scared if it's before payday lmao
RT @Mabala_Noise: When the CULTURE calling on payday! Get ur tickets now JHB: DBN:…
RT @apeslion: Doing a couple of these today to make ends meet till payday 5 only.
RT @AlluringAiko: washing my hair 💆 happy friday, may your payday be filled with $elf love ✨ @femdomdaily