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RT @Lexis_taskbitch: Us #betas should make sure a portion of our paycheck rightfully goes to Goddess @Luxuriouslexii . We need to contin…
RT @_spicymango: literally dread work everyday & then feel rlly good on payday & then continue to dread work
payday pru dghn obligasyon
paying for the hotel for the week next payday! 99 days til i leave for #BTSinNewark
RT @Lexis_taskbitch: All us #Lexiholics and potential Lexiholics should start the month of June off right, by sending Goddess…
RT @Lexis_taskbitch: Us #betas first priority on #payday should always be Goddess @Luxuriouslexii . We work hard to make Her Life easier…
@tonbo It’s probably the payment thing really, yeah. But arrggg and Tourabu has an update today so I’ll be days beh… new track out now promoting the protest againt "hard drug" use... #Idontpoppills out now v…
Oy payday dapat kahapon nuna nanyare 😦😦
It's payday 😣😣😣 1. @sprintpcs 2. @SallieMae 3. @DirectEnergy Taking all my lil coins 😢
Everyday is payday if you are doing it right! Join @DentWizardIntl We need a Auto Body Paint Technician. #Jobs
RT @STABusiness: Payday came early! 💷 RT & Follow for a chance to #Win some #BusinessTravel essentials. #Win #Competition
Thursday payday... Friday platforms
RT @REACTlVE: When you're still 2 weeks away from payday
Omg I can’t wait until next weekend payday and my mini baecation with my man yess bihhh lol
RT @v37__bttt: GoGoの歌詞が痛いほど共感できる 「手持ちないけど癒したいこの体も」 →金ないけどバンタン見て癒されたい 「はたく全て塵みたいでも楽しむ今日はpayday」 →DVD買っちまうよ 「身銭使い果たすいくらでも」 →この言葉の通…
Payday tomorrow!!!!!! 👅👅👅👅👅
RT @bbyprincxss: im not hoping for duit raya anymore, im just waiting for my PAYDAY. pls come fast!!
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RT @yarelii_57: Payday needs to come sooner