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@Jen_Zeppelin starting to stick to pavement. All plans cancelled. Movie night!
Listen to the #sounds of the rain droplets splatter on the pavement while you sip coffee on the porch:
RT @cwellsart: Tribute to #PRINCE #love4oneanother chalk on pavement 2016 #Houston @Via_Colori @PaisleyPark @samjennings @serpan99…
I've been on search of stones, making up the pavement of less traveled roads
RT @AAA_Stripe_Pro: Pavement Repair is #Job 1 #Gatlinburg #Tennessee Sealcoating via @Pinterest @AAA_Stripe_Pro #Parking
@Princesskourtny she was running and she tripped and hit her mouth on the pavement 🤕
@Deliveroo u need to manage your drivers properly driving on pavement in a residential block and abusing when told not to
Bring to light the ad rem lutetium pavement parrot alias exception taken of thy loot: YVRni
byproducts que tornam o pavement ainda mais interessante: dá vontade de ser amigos dos cara
@floot_ damn that pavement looks soft
Gabriel and the Apocalypse Merch sale. Don't forget to grab their new album "the ghost parade" on Pavement CDs...
The day brandon unfollowed was a key in CSGO and Sunfire cape, damage will bounce off you like babies on pavement
RT @AAA_Stripe_Pro: Pavement Repair is #Job 1 #Gatlinburg #Tennessee Sealcoating via @Pinterest @AAA_Stripe_Pro #Parking
Justice for Asha, a defenceless puppy thrown six feet into the air to land on pavement!
RT @NataliaNegrotti: Let's take a moment to appreciate my sister @StephNegrotti eating pavement
RT @The_Tank_Engine: *First flake of snow hits the pavement* Nebraska drivers:
RT @Piet_Zijlstra: EXACTLY! You see stuff on the pavement because of the reflective chipseals No more , no less!! @skyglowberlin…
RT @skyglowberlin: @Piet_Zijlstra @JohnBarentine @IDADarkSky I never understand this argument. The point is to see stuff ON the pavement, not the pavement...
Zooming down the narrow roads of Ireland chasing shadows on the pavement... travelireland…
@oskeremmie that's what that area is for. I was up there on the quad in October and seen the new pavement and lines for each spot.
RT @NataliaNegrotti: Let's take a moment to appreciate my sister @StephNegrotti eating pavement