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@BeautyofAshes i was the girl who ran to paulie and got picked up thank you so much for this video 💖💖💖
@FANATICalways @mariebbott she could be. Paulie was born '88 and he's turning 28 on Nov 13th
Where the parties at? I got bottles on deck 👀
RT @dremmelqueen: CNN dumps Donald Trump’s rambling speech to air Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine press conference via @dailynewsbin
RT @ESPNChiCubs: Alfonso Soriano, on the Cubs new clubhouse; "After I saw that I said I want to play again."
RT @Queen_slaykiyah: I got to FaceTime @deadskulltweets and @elfitvic from Paulie's phone for a bit😱😭. Amazing day somehow got better. #sittingducks
RT @cool_as_heck: Play this mashup next time you're given the aux cord and I promise you will NOT regret it 🔥
Paulie O and Gavin some work up front, hop in their skates. Whistle now with 2:30.
@hardy985 hey Hardy not to break ur balls but the paulie quote u said was100%rocky3 wrong it was part4
Alright. Does anyone have a video compilation of every snap with Paulie and Z's goddaughter? Cause I need that in my life. #zaulie
RT @micks_bb: 4. Nat -beautiful inside & out -worst hoh -kills w/ kindness -downfall of paulie -james ruined her game -feminist 👑
today was up there with one of the worst days of my life my car is still stranded on the mountain too if anyone is going on rides tonight
@_mwagan pero pag nagtatopnotch si paulie sa exam, naaalala na kita so okay lang HAHAHAHHAHA
RT @ZakiyahE_BB18: Paulie and these baby pics!! I CAN'T DEAL SO CUTE
RT @mlvlatina: I have met some of most kindest and generous people because Paulie and Zakiyah fell in love. Thank you #Zaulie fans, you are fabulous!