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RT @MarilynMonroeDC: Kinda wish some things in my life were different.
RT @LilWayne0_o: Never stress over anyone who isn't stressin' over you 👌 ..fuck em
RT @MarilynMonroeDC: Think twice before you give a fuck.
RT @Woodsy1069: No Ricky Burns, or junior welterweight, for Paulie Malignaggi - The Ring
Know the show is already done @GordonRamsay but Paulie can't win! He hates working with females, he can't represent #HellsKitchen restaurant
@karen_jones22 Tough shit. It's happening. And it should happen. Better for UK citizens.
@paulie_paulie Advisory referendum. Sovereign parliament. MPs should vote in best interests of the people. No Brexit.
RT @formerleft: @Paulie_Poli @TrumpHat @ChristiJunior British-Indians I know are raging furious with the Left & their attitudes to immigration
RT @ChristiJunior: @Paulie_Poli @TrumpHat Basically, any minority that integrates well and is successful is eventually ending up on the SJW chopping block.
@dmrainone maybe you're not my friend ☕️🐸
@Paulie_Marie33 you just told me you hated me like 2 hours ago
@frectangle They would demand and expect payment. @RealMGHarris @greenrd @NickCohen4
Gonna start telling my friends that I love them more because life is so fucking short
I love drunk texts from G 😭🖤
@paulie_paulie @RealMGHarris @greenrd @NickCohen4 yo mean they would have to be paid ? Genius.
RT @haven1406: Urban Dictionary needs to put a pic Paulie next to the term heart eyes. #zaulie
@frectangle They would be given human rights and thus be equivalent to the rest of us I would imagine. @RealMGHarris @greenrd @NickCohen4
@robjay81 best show ever made paulie's the man
rodeo is the best of all Travis Scott's projects 🙌🏿 who can relate?