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RT @SaIIyYates: When Trump goes down remember that Ryan and McConnell knew but stayed silent. They put America at risk to chase tax cuts for millionaires.
Paul Ryan visita McAllen para recorrer la frontera
RT @MarcusTate4x4: @Porschefellerss @meahwilsonn @Ryan_639 we've got a sweet little music group forming lol we should get jean jackets
RT @TheHoopCentral: Rockets are full of shooters🚀 Harden: 35.3 3P% Eric Gordon: 38.5 3P% Lou Williams: 38.5 3P% Ryan Anderson: 40.5 3P% Trevor Ariza: 35.4 3P%
RT @iamANAye: Avon Business Conference @itsenriquegil thanks kusie & ryan
RT @karaaaaaa___: & then piss myself off about it.
I liked a @YouTube video Christmas Morning 2016 Opening Presents Surprise Family Fun Baby 1st Christmas Ryan's
RT @LouDobbs: Pres. Trump kicks off month #2: Focuses on O'Care, extreme vetting & tax overhaul – where are Ryan & McConnell? Join #Dobbs on FBN #MAGA
RT @JustReIatabIe: Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are so cute ❤️😍
This is the most ridiculous statement I've ever seen. Insurance is for needs you don't yet know you have. Ryan does…
@Ryan_McDonald11 I heard you got your first K this weekend
RT @LitClapbacks: This is why y'all should mind your own business
Queda en manos del presidente de la Cámara de Representantes y de la mayoría republicana en el Congreso aprobar...
RT @StopTheSpeaker: Politico says that Paul Ryan's fundraising swing included Houston, Corpus Cristi and Dallas. But no time for town h…
RT @Peoples_Pundit: Trump never said "white people built America." April Ryan made my point -> media breeds hatred. Exactly what @AlvedaCKing was talking about.
RT @meakoopa: ✅ Flynn ✅ Milo ◻️ Sessions ◻️ DeVos ◻️ Ryan ◻️ Bannon ◻️ Tillerson ◻️ Pence ◻️ Trump
Ryan deixou a camisa dele com um baita cheiro do perfume aqui 😍
RT @pblest: no, they weren't convinced of the urgency of voting for a democratic candidate after a democratic president deporte…
RT @MrDane1982: LOCK THEM UP for TREASON Trump Comey Pence Ryan Bannon Conway Flynn Carter Manafort They worked w/ Russia to steal the Presidential Election
I liked a @YouTube video from @CLuBLioNNight Nightcore - Tell Me Now (The Suspect Radio Edit) [Ryan T. & Dan
@crooks_ryan real eyes realise real lies