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RT @endtimesalert: More Marine Life Misery in the US: 81 Whales Die Off South Florida Coast
RT @SpeakerRyan: We must believe deeply, as Dr. King did, in our common humanity. #MLKDAY
i'm sick and miserable and Ryan isn't here someone send help ☹️☹️☹️
RT @AltPressJP: 【NEWS】Yellowcardの “Lights And Sounds” Warped Tour映像が公開、フロントマンRyan Keyが本日開催されるDJイベント「Back To Basic」で来日…
RT @xmchannel88: @BurgundyBlog @RapSheet If they hire Ryan and let Cousins walk I am done.
RT @armineshaaa: how can i settle for anything less when men like ryan reynolds exist
RT @ShiDavidi: Ryan Dempster on deciding to pitch for Canada at WBC: “I was putting up some really good numbers in beer-league softball."
I'm really thankful for Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil…
RT @pnehlen: How much is your American birthright worth? Paul Ryan and Louis Gutierrez will sell it to illegals for next to noth…
@laissrr a Marissa morre no último episódio da 3ª temporada. ELA E O RYAN NÃO FICAM JUNTOS NO FINAL! DA PRA ACREDITAR????
Hey man, these warriors??? Really good at winning regular season games
Nowt better than finishing the day off with a bit of rik mayall, @NigelPlaner, christopher ryan and @AdrianEdmondson in the young ones
Na Ryan Air letovima jedino jos pedikir nisu uveli, ili blow dry
@ken_benes Lol. Pens and Caps forgot their defensive games tonight.
RT @hashim_cole: Future sent his son a Matt Ryan jersey to Russell's crib after the win. I wish to obtain that legendary status of petty.
@clipsluv no one seems tolerant of any disagreeable positions in this day and age. Speaker Ryan has condemned Trump's bigotry.
Wow. The "Josh stood in the same area code" foul came early tonight. #kubball
Foi frio cmg Logo eu Amiga de Ryan iceberg