Tweets about a recent trend: Pats

@araizuP pats u. im sorry for u friend
@Sir_MTarus ena di pats sama sir/? /salah/
@universetae he probably pats his full cute stomach and goes "aahh grandma i always follow ur instructions and eat a lot of good food"
RT @Estadao: Jucá recebeu pagamentos de R$ 22 milhões, diz ex-executivo
That Pats jersey is an OCD nightmare
@svt__boy yaudah date diri sendiri sana, /pats your head/
@Meowram oh nooooo😭!!! im sorry that happened :( *pats your shoulder*
@Alanmc1885 @Caolan1983 @Hoppo1982 Pats have had one for years. Doesn't mean they're all good at their job
@jackwyldxr hahaha yo jack /pats/
Ambyar.... kalo aku, pas di pats langsung lemes melantai jatuh kali ya
@frantaftvamps /pats/ everythings going to be fine my sweet child
@NoPlanB_ @FakeLoneRangers I’m gonna jump in here. Baltimore’s defense is really, really good. I’d be very hesitant to play any Pats.
RT @sxavierfilho: Recomendo reprise do JN de hoje a todos que achavam que o problema era o PT. Problema brasileiro não cabe em duas letras, vai todo alfabeto
RT @telesurenglish: #Breaking | New leak implicates Brazil president in Petrobras scandal.
RT @Vessoni: Eu sempre fui fã dos nomes das operações da Federal. Achava que nada superaria. Mas os nomes dos políticos na lista da Odebrecht superam.