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RT @bbygrlblue: omg I wonder how it must feel to be trapped in a confined space that isn't natural to you?!?!!!
RT @jedadanielle_: *pats self on back* πŸ˜œπŸ€—
@lids 20mins on hold bc was sent a Nets hat instead of Pats & now that hat is out of stock. No hat & more work for me. Disappointing 😀
RT @jedadanielle_: *pats self on back* πŸ˜œπŸ€—
@swonder1 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Pats own the league
@mrjleexx @MiceeMouse @foxtrotmike1112 @surfermom77 He needs American pats to remove commies from office. Then he can fire idiot judges.
pats em both. good job, guys. you've worked well. daddy emmett is proud.
@absrickert pats looks like pikachu also I LOVE YOU TOO EVEN THO U DIDNT TAG ME
@mothafukingee fuck the raiders I'm only seeing them if the pats are in town
@ROCKINSTARHEART She pats his hair genrtly.
At that momenet when @KojunSaiyajin leaned up against him, Bloo knew who it was "Is that you Panda?" Pats her back
I'm in that weird in between place where my fridge is covered in wedding/baby shower invites but full of bud & coors light
RT @leaderpost: Vanstone: @AnaheimDucks stole Regina Pats centre Sam Steel in the 2016 NHL draft #yqr #whl
Brady's playing 6-7 more yrs yet Pats don't want to trade Garoppolo for a 1st rd pick this yr. Makes sense
he pats the bed sheets down and looks to you. "You seem to want to ask something, I wouldn't blame you." the owl hoots
@TracyColletto Hi Tracy, just to let you know, you are in Pats group now. Talk to you later.
RT @lacaidaderudy: rt if ur the coolest person ever and no one is dating u
me: i'm single, dude friend: (holds my hand, pats it gently) i'm so sorry me: me too, man
RT @CurlyHeadJackyy: I laid my shit today 😭 *pats self on back
@MarissaTAWOG "Hmm... I get hungry when I'm lonely so I could eat." He pats his tum tums