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@sunshinedmitri [pats back awkwardly] its okay
Regina Pats assistant Dave Struch taking on new challenge with Team Canada #reginapats #whl #chl
RT @austin_harvill: Brock Osweiler so bad the Pats system couldn't even save him
@KurlyHairKillah YOUR A PATS FAN?!! LET'S GO!! but not free Aaron tho. lol
@LegzzzTeeB #OnPurpose I was tryna wait til the Pats LOSS. Injured Ben saved u
RT @Mariyiita: PATO EN ZONA DE AMOR .. Todos a escuchar los consejos de Pats, el gurú del corazón 😂😂 @PatoParodiC
RT @Wine_Charmer: *takes your attitude* *places it in your back pocket* *pats your ass* There. All better now.
RT @grizzlyblair: @NFLTotalAccess Down by 11 vs the Pats, Mike Tomlin chose to try a 54 yard FG and missed. That's not playing to win. #4COL
RT @BostonSportsPub: Gronk Ties Pats Record, You Know What I Mean? New article for @PatriotsExtra by @nepatsgirl87 Read at:
@DitzyPolkaDot @LuvStassia yes honet come sit down there is room *pats seat*
@KennysHawtTakes @BLB_Chiefs Pats/Broncos make it look easy...
RT @pbsportswriter: Conte walks through mixed zone, pats Matic's little daughter on the head, saying: "Your dad. VERY good!" Big smile, thumbs up #CFCMUFC
RT @thefootballgirl: If Giants withheld Josh Brown information from the NFL, they deserve punishment at least as severe as the Pats
Hehehee kid called me "Daddy" on grindr.... *Winks and pats lap* Daddy loves good boys and girls.
Yianni Kourakis and Andy Gresh Recap Pats/Steelers and Look Ahead to Bills Game
I feel like we don't really need him but wouldn't mind a true deep threat on the pats🙄
Gronk Ties Pats Record, You Know What I Mean? New article for @PatriotsExtra by @nepatsgirl87 Read at:
@MaseDenver Kubiak has done this multiple times this season. That mindset won't win us games against teams like the Raiders and Pats
@LOLISANDLOLITAS pats you it's okay you survived and they won't bother u anymore
@baltimorereeds and that they've got best record in NFL 😏 It must suck being a Pats hater.
AFC QBs: Siemian, Osweiler, Tanehill, Jets turnover machines, whatever the hell Cleveland has... man it's good to be a Pats fan