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RT @_sccpnews: Corinthians está treinando neste momento em Brusque
RT @gustavozupak: Cássio; Fagner, Balbuena, Pablo e Arana; Gabriel; Romero, Fellipe Bastos, Maycon e Jabá; Kazim - Corinthians treina agora em Brusque.
RT @MikeGiardi: There were discussions between Hightower and the Pats. There's a decent gap though between the two sides.
RT @ranieri_andre: Corinthians que deve jogar amanhã: Cássio; Fagner, Balbuena, Pablo e Arana; Gabriel; Romero, Bastos, Maycon e Jabá; Kazim.
@zeus30hightower Hey Dont'a!!! #TreatYourself would love to see you back on the Pats, but either way thank you!
Eu curto 3 franquias...Pats, Packers e Seahawks @Vagner_Americo
@OmarKelly what about the Pats? Wouldn't surprise me one bit.
@cyt0cat (´・ω・`) c(´・ω・`) /pats you on head
Let me get my tissues ready cause I always cry at the end of Pats Americas Games lol
/pats/ nanti mandi baykelin yaaaa
*she just pats Laura on the hug as the little girl clings to her waist*
@Steel_Curtain4 well, considering not one of the pats WRs could hold ABs jock strap, I'd pay him 18m a Sunday lol
*pats self on back* Im proud of me 😊
@nfltrade_rumors could help make run at pats in the AFC!
@hoshidospear "Pats on the back and shoulder.. Okay, got it!" He'd pat their shoulder as a way of confirmation. "And you sure are!" He -
@Patricia_Traina I still tihking if we get AP we will win the SB, cause he can change our Offense. If we don´t sign him, Pats or Dallas will
RT @MikeGiardi: Also don't get the sense this is it between Hightower and Pats. See McCourty situation last year (something @tomecurran has referenced b4)
@Amicitia_Iris *pats* you are still a minor too
New England Patriots Rumors: Adrian Peterson To Pats — What Are The Chances?: Adrian…
@kitsunishiki "We just tend to give pats in the back or the shoulders, that's fine in my books!" Nodded a couple of times while rubbing >
RT @songalice_: @highlight__YYS @GsD_KAH haha good then appa *pats you* please treat your son in law well okay 😉