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RT @feefer2: @welchsa @415holgate this was the backdrop, the context under which Benghazi occurred. Blame pastor Terry Jones.
@welchsa @415holgate this was the backdrop, the context under which Benghazi occurred. Blame pastor Terry Jones.
I love my church @RomeFirstAg and I love my Pastor @_Nick_Jones @ Rome First Assembly
"Separation is not segregation" - Pastor Jones. TRUE Believers are called to be #separate from the world not #segregated. #CHOOSEwisely
Thank you once again to my pastor's André R. Jones and Rachel Jones and my Ruach City Church Philly family for...
RT @Redeemer_CC: Pastor @DavidARitchie interviewing @CRFtweets 's Milton Jones! For more info about Christian Relief Fund visit…
Now playing Heart of Truth by Pastor Sharon Jones! to listen
"We all need GOD because there are some things that we cannot cover" - Pastor Derrick Jones #preach #GreatFaith #message #npgmbc
"Although I don't deserve GOD's grace I'm still looking for it" - Pastor Derrick Jones #preach #GreatFaith
"However GOD answers, in whatever way he chooses is alright with me" - Pastor Derrick Jones #preach #GreatFaith #message #npgmbc
"GOD will keep you from Lesser so he can bless you with GREATER later on" - Pastor Derrick Jones #preach #GreatFaith #message #npgmbc
"Can you still say Hallelujah even when GOD says no???" - Pastor Derrick Jones #preach #GreatFaith #message #npgmbc
"You can be a great person of Faith when you're expecting a YES but can deal with a NO" - Pastor Derrick Jones #preach #GreatFaith #message
"There are folk out on the street that know GOD better than the ones that go to Church." - Pastor Derrick Jones #preach #GreatFaith #message
"Everyday there's a test that we have to get ready to take" - Pastor Derrick Jones #preach #message #npgmbc #SundayMorning #4thSunday
Today's sermon "The Great Faith" comes from Luke 7:1-10 - Pastor Derrick Jones #preach #message #npgmbc #SundayMorning #4thSunday
"forgiveness brings peace more than revenge ever will" ~ pastor Brett Jones
"We're filtered and flawed beings" -Pastor Horacio Jones. It's filtered through our flaws
Confusion is not the point where you quit its the place for an opportunity for you to learn. SHEESH! Pastor Jones #wearecym
When your pastor quotes Bridget Jones during Sunday sermon 😂🙏🏻
"Where this is light there can be no darkness, but when there is darkness light can shine." - Pastor Eddie Jones @eddieljones @clcrolla
RT @FBCDHeights: Accomplishing much with little requires vision, protection, initiative and taking risks. Pastor Jumaine Jones (Proverbs 30:24-28)
First He made me...then He bought me with his blood! - Pastor Rachelle Jones
Why We Procrastinate on Writing Sermons, and How to Fix It