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"Nuestra imaginaciÓn nOs agranda tantO el tiempO presente, Que hacemOs de la eternidad una nada y de la nada una eternidad." (Blaise Pascal)
> Kerberos is growling at the machine.
RT @RachelleLefevre: Pascal's Wager 2017 Edition: The atheist who prays during the inauguration, just in case.
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*has begun betting with the drone next to her in mug spinning competitions* Mine's gotta bigger handle! I'm practicly guaranteed a win!
RT @julieng6v: Pascal c'est trop un bâtard en vrai MDRRR
RT @hPa__: Just uploaded "Hecto-Pascal's 2016 Year Mix" … Listen up! #Trance #TranceFamily #FutureHouse #BigRoom
라푼젤은 독서중...나는 라푼젤을 보는중... 'ㅅ'
RT @hPa__: Just uploaded "Hecto-Pascal's 2016 Year Mix" … Listen up! #Trance #TranceFamily #FutureHouse #BigRoom
Pascal -this dude is a boss ass bitch -a sAvaGe -honestly the cutest thing ever -soft for rapunzel (like pretty mu…
@gigivadias @zjmvadias vc é a rapunzel o pai é o flynn e eu sou o pascal
キングダムハーツやりたくない。「なぜその感情が何なのでね。「2/0.3/0.0 「587」 「581」 「579」 「6928」 「570」 357・2269・1020・640 2,793/81/11.3/2.1 2017/01/18過去篇 」 だワーン!
The last thing one knows in constructing a work is what to put first. -- Blaise Pascal
RT @ricsl1600: Between us and heaven or hell there is only life, which is the frailest thing in the world. - Blaise Pascal #ALDUBOurHappiness
RT @Aez_JVC: Sarah qui se fait exterminer par Pascal contenders, un énorme moment de répartie j'avais mal au coeur pour elle
Understanding Pascal's Law and working principle of hydraulic jack. You will nerd: large paper or plastic bag,...
*she watches as it wavers back and forth on the curvature of the handle, but continues to spin*
RT @elespectador: #LoMásLeído en Cultura: murió Pascal Garray, el dibujante de "Los Pitufos".
pascal was the most brilliant mathematician of his era. he stopped.