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@NotoriousStephs shoulda told me at your bday party... he could've caught these hands
RT @meanlin1: A growing problem for Democrat Party which is increasingly appealing only to urbanites. Will lose again if they don't change. @intlspectator
"Maaf anak anak, hari ini kelas dikosongkan" PARTY 2 HARI 1 MALAM
@Joydas @timesofindia "Minor inconveniences"will have to be accepted for nation's future progress-of enriching accounts of Phenku and party😠
This Gatsby themed party 😑
RT @gaaabriella_15: My inspiration in fashion! Excuse my baby boy Coco and McCoy sa album hahaha ELISSESIFIEDS XMAS PARTY
RT @__klimmmm: When you hear "knuck if you buck" and you think you finna get lit and then you hear "walked in this party..."
RT @Limerick1914: "Sieg Heil" was replaced with "White Power", the swastika was dropped, and the group was renamed the NS White People's Party.
RT @suyyashrai: Last evening ❤️ with my fav @manizhe 😈 @yuvikachoudhary @VikasBhalla_Off . Thanku bhalla saab for d party #bb9
@PlayboyKen_69 boy you had me rollin at that party 😂😂
RT @McTestaInc: What is happening?! Joe Walsh?! Idk wtf is going on, but THANK YOU. I would NEVER stand for this in my own party ei…
RT @twerknadette: i wanna party tonight
RT @AskAnshul: Toll worker slapped Samajwadi Party woman leader. Must Watch this clip. Respect the way he answered and Woman leade…
Juelz Ventura Horny bi bitches fucking at a party: Horny bi bitches fucking at a party #JuelzVentura
@BananaDrumr its fine, I live in the XA house and we party all the time.
@JagratiShukla29 at that tym most of the BJP people wr also part of Congress. But after Indira Gandhi. It becomes worse party ever.
RT @grudging1: 38. Forgot one more important piece: The *only* thing Trump Camp changed in GOP party plank:
Party was crazy smh
Turkey’s AK Party submits proposals to expand presidential powers NEWS >> #news #post #pre
My mom texted me where I'm I at lol told her @ a party lol
RT @Evan_McMullin: Their willingness to put party before country & power before principle has resulted in one of the worst compromises of US security ever.
RT @jtothekpop: If you were to be troubled over something as trivial as losing face, then it's better to not have it at all ELISSESIFIEDS XMAS PARTY