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RT @radates: i'd take this over a party any day
RT @RobertPat14: The New Blow Job Queen Of America!!!!
RT @Franklin_Graham: I’m so disappointed in both the Republican Party & the Democratic Party.
Dt's plan is titled #Americafirst - which is also the committee name for the Nazi party's US branch circa WWII.
@_trollblood are you going to volunteer for tea party?
RT @ArevaMartin: Trump-the Alpha Male's, Alpha Male-is now tweeting & begging Democrats to help him after his own party rejected him! Sorry, not interested!
RT @KarenCivil: Zendaya spotted at the Dolce & Gabbana Party.
RT @alvin_manova: AIADMK camp files complaint with EC; accuses OPS camp of manipulating over party symbol via @FinancialExpress
@realDonaldTrump guess you couldn't control your own party, not winning. Oh and only a 36% approval rating. Sad........
RT @DJ_TABO: 【拡散感謝】今週土曜日4/1PARTY開催♡ @_cookieboy_ コラボクッキーを先着30名 PARTYのライターを先着100名様にプレゼント!もちろん極上の夜遊びをPARTYクオリティで朝までお届け♡早い入場がお得!桜咲き…
RT @hellocrissyy: Dear @DreamscapePH sa po if my third party sa McLisse, si @tonythesharky nalang hehe @ericjohnsalut #TuloyPaRin
RT @HXRLEEN: me when I get dragged to a party I ain't wanna go to but I still end up getting LIT
RT @MOGirlProbs: "don't date the life of the party, date the guy who makes sure the life of the party gets home"
President Trump you need to watch your back there are a bunch of 2 face people in your party, Congressman are the ones you need to watch.
@brieIIe is this a fucking joke. Wow Im so infuriated by this. You are beautiful.Clear they have no idea about the world outside party beads
RT @JohnBautista23: Big Party This Weekend . Gonna Be Litty 🍾🔥🎉 Dont have to spend $140 on bottles anymore, lol Back to the $30 cirocs 😂
En este momento: Beastie Boys - Fight For Your Right (To Party) -- en
And that's exactly how the corporate elite commandeered the Democratic Party: by convincing you of futility. Anothe…
Pyxis 2nd Anniversary Party(仮) 2ndに参加登録しました。 #eventernote #Pyxis
RT @Bjfromtheblock: You haven't been to a party in Mississippi if ain't a whistle blowing and mo head going
RT @_renjunthailand: [FANACC]170323 RENJUN BIRTHDAY PARTY #HappyRenjunDay ก็เหมือนมีแฟนคลับที่อยู่สนับสนุนผมให้โตขึ้น มาโตไปด้วยกันนะครับ(2) // Cr.utility_person
RT @Goat_DJ: 🔊🐐Play Movie🐐🔊 🎉 EF Osaka Prom Party 🎉 めっちゃ楽しかった😂🙌 とてもいいパーティーでした😊✨ #EF #EFOsaka #EFProm #PromOsaka #TeenParty…
Retweeted MJ's House of Grass (@MJHouseofGrass): Can't wait for our Cannaversary party! Join us for $3 joints,...
RT @mmueller32: "Party For Two" will be played at my wedding and all I'm saying is my husband better be killing Billy Currington's part