@yelyahwilliams @schzimmydeanie @itstayloryall all we know it's falling, it falls! Remember, 'cause I know that we won't forget at all. ❤❤❤
Thanks @paramore @yelyahwilliams @schzimmydeanie and @itstayloryall for giving me confidence, you're everything.
@yelyahwilliams @schzimmydeanie @itstayloryall I'm sad. But it's okay, wishing Y'all all the joy in the world.
@yelyahwilliams @schzimmydeanie @itstayloryall @zacfarro @Farro ta na hora de vocês se abraçarem e voltarem a andar juntos no recreio
I'm broken but I will always support @paramore, even if your paths are not the same. LOS AMO. @yelyahwilliams @itstayloryall @schzimmydeanie
#paramoreisstillaband & will always be my fave band. All my support, @yelyahwilliams @itstayloryall but @schzimmydeanie as well [|||]