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I miss paolo nutini
Paolo Nutini - Autumn
Who did Paolo Nutini dirty? I just wanna talk
I liked a @YouTube video Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky [Abbey Road Live Session]
"Oh, Jenny don't be hasty. No, don't treat me like a baby Let me take you where you'll let me because leaving just…
Fuck me I could listen to paolo nutini everyday till I die
when’s paolo nutini gonna make an appearance this year
@Robert_McMenzie Smiths, kooks, Stone Roses, courteeners, the snuts, Paolo nutini. But aye no bother
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky [Abbey Road Live Session]
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Can't believe i haven't had Paolo Nutini on my Music Radar, Really works in the heat, so thanks Ed Tattersall & La…
music greatest hits pop rock music: Paolo Nutini - Candy
RT @LexiB193: ...Over fear and into freedom Oh, that’s life Left dripping down the walls Of a dream that cannot breathe In this…
Curtin Mayfield, Kool and the Gang, Paolo Nutini and Mr Ozio... It's Doing Something with Jazz 65. Listen now:…
Don’t get any more sunday than paolo nutini on repeat does it💆🏻‍♀️
Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky [Abbey Road Live Session]
This weather makes me feel like Paolo Nutini when he got a new pair of shoes ☀️
Я вам клянусь, Paolo Nutini писал Iron Sky исключительно для меня. Это же просто произведение искусства и плод гениальности.
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