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RT @FreddyAmazin: This cat got frozen into the ground but people came along with enough warm water to save her life 😭❤️
RT @DannyBarnsley: Article (and interview) I wrote up today about FC United opening their ground for homeless on xmas day. @FCUnitedMcr
found a dollar on the ground and then i lost it lmao what is my problem
@eNCA How can @eNCA be seen as a credible news organization if they report ( man BURIED ) if he is still on top of the ground
RT @Janine: If I break down, will you catch my tears before they hit the ground? x
RT @AC360: .@POTUS on Obamacare: We had to "wrestle this thing to the ground in a way that was less than ideal." #ObamaLegacy
RT @darrenrovell: A high school in Texas broke ground today on its $69 million football stadium. Here are the renderings of what it w…
RT @360TMart: BOYS BASKETBALL: Battle Ground 53, Hockinson 48. Renato Mendoza had all 13 of his points in 2nd half to spark Tigers’ comeback.
RT @vinod_sharma: Waking up after two and half years in power. Does BJP have no real-time feedback system from the ground? Fully Luty…
i got done playing some ground war, but she said shes gonna get it xD
RT @Keurfuffle: Lots of times archaeology means looking at the ground for things on the ground that are made of the same thing as the ground.
@rxbbm oh fuck dog a hole in the ground , different version of el chapo
The election was emotional. But was emotion perhaps a valid ground from which to make decisions?…
You put a Bug in the bottle! This kind of bug prefers to live in small holes in the ground.
Up front and personal in Samarrah: Shias hold out against the "Boots on the Ground" of the US-NATO-Sunni Axis.
RED CARD: Ground il Muraiyatru Nadakkum Cricket Veerarhalukkum Umpires, "Red Card" Kaattum Nadaimurai Oct-2017 Muthal Amulaakka Thittam.
#Pakistan crash pilot called ground control over engine problem
@neversummerind I've only snowboarded twice. I'm still on the ground more than up. What beginners model do you recommend? #NVSR
RT @Suhshi_: I'm both the wildebeest helping his friend and the one on the ground
RT @eastsportsman: This student of Christian Methodist showed up to study but her classroom is still a collation centre via…
@sardesairajdeep What happened? You are amongst the best,always willing to goto the ground level, reporting not just features! and balanced
This is the sound of throwin pennies on the ground
RT @Stlouise2000: Your Testimony Awaits you at #IPR2017 join us on 27/28 Jan 2917 @ esocs Agbo mercy ground as we tarry with the Lord.
RT @LeslieBedia: Keep your feet on the ground. Please wag kang mag babago @iamyongm_ YONG KCCMallShows