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RT @cmfh111: "I'll clean our room," she said. "it'll be amazing," she said. *has mother of all panic attacks *takes ativan *DM rooms all day aka sunday
RT @Christopher_J_K: Just submitted my novel to a #publisher. Aaahhh!!! Now I have to pace the room and panic till they get back to me :P #amwriting #writing
That will help with the panic. 2. Dont panic. Seemingly counterproductive i know, But There No witches or demons in you room.
My poor baby boy came down to my room and was having like a panic attack and honestly scared the shit out of me
Update: pretty sure the mouse is in the room now. Brett is whimpering and thunder is having a panic attack. Happy Monday!
HAHAHAHA remember when I had a panic attack in my nans kitchen cos casualty was on in the other room and I couldn't bare it
When you go to the doctors. have a panic attack on the way back and then feel so exhausted you can't leave your room despite your lesson
I sleep with the window open and I heard the rain when I was sleeping and I woke up in a panic bc I thought somebody was in my room
ahahahah box hill offer set of panic might just go into my room
RT @lqaesthetic: Panic! Had one of the chillest and nicest crowds lmao I had so much room to enjoy the show
If you wake up in a room without any door and window..Dont panic! youre in my heart.
No hay calor más confortable que el de la soledad.
Si no quieres que me aleje demuestrame que te importo.
@isai_ nicely said >But universe has unlimited possibilities< so, no room for panic đź––
@chaimgt wala pa kong mga bago. Hahaha. Oy... Yung panic room. Shemay.
Commented on StockTwits: Please keep Water & Tuna in your PANIC - ROOM ! ;-)
RT @oochqmemes: iwaizumi narrates as he cleans oikawa's room and oikawa has burst out of the shower in panic mode more than once over iwaizumi moving things
New Zealand: the panic room of the free world. Well, it was until one wall fell down.
my dad is listening to panic at the disco in his room
RT @LikeAttracts: How hard is it to put in a panic room for when His Mingesty watches #SNL?
@joeovies can we go to the panic room, now?
RT @SundayScaries: no panic room breakdowns tonight because it's a short week
RT @LikeAttracts: How hard is it to put in a panic room for when His Mingesty watches #SNL?
RT @LikeAttracts: How hard is it to put in a panic room for when His Mingesty watches #SNL?