Pandu Wisaksono S.

http://panduwisaksono.blogspot.comI am proud of the fact that I have experienced both sides of the business equation--both as a professional and as an entrepreneur. I was the Assistant Brand Manager--stationed in Bangkok, Thailand--in charge of the brand Rejoice in ASEAN for P&G. At the beginning of 2009 I founded a startup called shirTalks-- for further consideration you may read the company profile at Even though my major at ITB was in environmental engineering, I have been interested in the business world since my college years. I participated in the DANONE Trust Awards, and also went to Paris and won international third prize for the L'Oreal e-Strat Business Challenge. I was the CEO of a team called Rajawali, representing the South-East Asian region in this prestigious competition. From the beginning of my academic career I have also joined a motivational speakers' community, MotivasY (, and spoke at many events--the most recent ones are the Kadin-Shell MoU signing for Shell LiveWire, Indonesia Consumunity Expo 2009, and Menristek's RITECH EXPO. I was also moderator for the Adco Indonesia Konferensi Pertambangan 2010, January 2010. I have extensive experience in international relations, having been a delegate of Harvard National Model United Nations in 2008, a one-year exchange student to Japan under the AFS program in 2002, and a one-month exchange student to Australia back in 1998. With a TOEFL of 645 and near-native speaking capabilities, I am very comfortable conversing--or explaining--in English. I am also able to converse in everyday Japanese. My Facebook is at . Follow me on Twitter: @pwsas !

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