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RT @JamieDornanNI: 3 Yrs ago today, @E_L_James tweeted: "Stow your twitchy palms ladies... our man is here. Welcome to #TeamFifty…
@BlueEyedFraud Think that word over. [She presses her palms against his thighs to help herself stand, then half-saunters, half-slides -
@AmberRachelle_ @SavedByTheXO there's no such thing as GayLord palms out here !
Favourite smell EVER the palms of brand new goalie gloves!! Also loved them brand new because it meant I hadn't flogged any in them yet 😂🙈🤔
So this weekend I met a lady who can read people palms and future and cool shit like that and she gave me her card and I got completely -
Kd meus dias livres, as saídas dos palms, os telefonemas p festas, a gente se arrumando, o coco louco, o carrapato, os gêmeos, o transbruxao
This chesty cough I have, I honestly feel like Satan just came and outstretched his palms over my chest 😩
Whenever I'm in a bad mood, all I crave is pizza. I think I have a problem
RT @barbiedoll0087: Song of the islands.. whispering palms, salty ocean breeze Good Mon morning to ya! #keywest #sunrise
My palms are itching seriously. Money is coming 😎
@TheGigiGorgeous @Coveteur when i first read this i thought you were talking about getting your palms read haha
RT @earlyso1k_: Today!! Campus palms! Free HIV Testing
Palms itching
@Mikes_LDN Are those your own palms or your girls hands sksksksk
When a person has your life; here you will be between the palms of your hands❤💕.
Sunshine, palms & fresh fruits - this is #Pattaya city. Pleasure, passion & hot girls - this is #MoulinRougePattaya
@billyboybbm sweaty palms the lot 😱😩
@HalfAssHitman ; "Whaa.." Feeling a bit sense of guilt, the bright figure swayed both palms in anxiety. "N-no, no, no..! I didn't --
RT @JennyPentland: hey ppl in movies that intentionally cut their palms to draw blood: u can literally cut anywhere else- somewhere u don't use for everything
Dull sudoric palms - how many is i conjunction whence on ban toasting regnancy effectually: JUFhywzG
RT @vynamiteee: @bamparmy and @ElectricPalmsHI palms are coming in clutch w/ bringing down my favorite artists this year! ❤❤❤