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@akachela @cariknits Huh....I’ve always wondered why it’s only been on my palms. It’s been 30 years tho, off & on.…
RT @Gervontaa: My palms consistently itchin’
RT @Gervontaa: My palms consistently itchin’
@jontaffer @NightclubBar @Palms I don’t own a bar but would like to meet with you and talk.
RT @MaximMag: The truly insane collab with famed artist Damien Hirst is the ultimate Sin City retreat.
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the bad days may come The lover may leave The winter may not Hey, the map of your palms The temple you be You're all that you got
RT @Gervontaa: My palms consistently itchin’
RT @Laireen35: IVY PALMS RETREAT: Nestled in the heart of Selvadorada's jungle, our small poolside lodges provide the perfect pla…
β€œWait, so you really hid in the bathroom for six whole hours, just because of a spider?” Jeongguk asked. β€œIt was hu…
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For the perfect beach home away from home, look no further than Seagull 1. This well appointed townhouse is only a…
RT @runwaymia: I feel like I need to level up , my palms is itching 😈😈😈
RT @pissdy: yuta has very long and very pretty fingers wow i bet he shoves them in his mouth when he palms at his cock and chok…
Sunset At The Palms Airport Shuttle@
RT @Gervontaa: My palms consistently itchin’
His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, There's vomit on his sweater already, window Island
I had some1 read my palms and they told me I can either have fame and money or love and I think abt that a lot actually
RT @Gervontaa: My palms consistently itchin’
@B52Malmet @mozartmama $$$$$ NRA has greased palms of both major parties.
@tnewtondunn They are running rings around her she’s out of her depth. She has to go we are more confused than ever…