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27. i got my first "real" phone when i was 11th grade? i think? it was a palm pixi
David asked me what my fav phone was back then.. and I said my Palm Pixi! Lol does anyone remember that phone?! It was my ride or die 😂👏🏻
@hadjimze portable mon meilleur etait un Palm Pixi (système HP mais arrêté depuis) puis Sony arc, nokia (du 3330 aux nouveaux), BB et sagem Palm Pixi Plus - 8GB - Black (Verizon or Page Plus Cellular) Smartphone Palm Pixi Plus Verizon unlocked-Smartphone-WebOS,Touch Screen,2MP Camera-8GB
@BaneTech technically it was the Blackberry Pearl but it wasn't very smart... I consider my first real smart phone to be the Palm Pixi. Palm Pixi P120 - 8GB - Black (Sprint) Smartphone
I wish I still had that Palm Pixi from 5 yrs ago
@brandongoeszoom what got you thinking about the Palm pixi tonight?
Fun fact: the Palm Pixi commercial is what got me into @passionpit Palm Pixi Plus - 8GB - Black (Verizon) Smartphone
Palm Pixi Plus on AT&T USA Mobile Phone
Palm Pixi Plus on AT&T USA Mobile Phone Palm Pixi, Palm Pre bundle with accessories.
Celular Palm Pixi Plus 1070NA-AT1, En caja, libre, con 3 meses de garantia!
@TechBromancer my fave os was the palm OS. Still love my palm pixi to pieces, only switched cause it had no apps for it.
The only phones I've ever loved other than my iPhone were my palm pixi and my sidekick
@endamcgrath Hey Enda - any way you could offer up any suggestions for this PD looking for assistance? Thanks!!
Calling all webOS gurus! A PD needs help with an investigation. Please take a look and help!
Putting the call out to all webOS folks to assist in unlocking a phone for an investigation. Please lend a hand!