Blackberry Hanging out Vs. Palm Pre: Smart Modification Analysis ixWD
RT @RichOberholtzer: My old Palm Pre... WebOS was way ahead of its time.
RT @RichOberholtzer: My old Palm Pre... WebOS was way ahead of its time.
... is not vulnerable to same vulnerability the Palm Pre was in space
说到ID无边框…这可是ID全是屏 讲道理Palm Pre真的好看
This is pretty close to my new HP/Palm Pre 2.
RT @joebelfiore: Right now I'm just bummed that I left my Palm Pre behind. I really loved that phone, and THAT tweet would have TOTALLY thrown you all...
Palm Pre No Contract Sprint Cell Phone
@mitchell209 Blackberry Priv is pretty sweet. I love mine it's like a modern Palm Pre. ;)
Seven years ago the Palm Pre existed and it was something exciting countering the #iPhone. RIP you beautiful disaster #neverforgotten
I switched to Ubuntu on laptop and desktop in '06. My first smartphone was a Palm Pre. My first tablet an HP TouchPad. Android ever since 🐧
@derekakessler @dkdsgn just saw your doing windows central pod cast. #newfollower. Keep being awesome #palm #pre #hp #webos
webOS的确很炫酷,当初买了几个Palm pre玩,后来都被玩坏了才换手机 RT @LaoyangS: 前几年一冲动,在惠普手机和平板完结洗货的时候,大、小手机和平板一样买了一个,webOS真命短,如今这些全变了收藏,卵用都没有。结论就是:生态若是没有了,再智能的终端也然并卵。
RT @bjoreman: In which my Webos adventures continue: #palm #pre #webos
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Apple iPhone 4 vs Palm Pre Plus!
RT @bjoreman: In which my Webos adventures continue: #palm #pre #webos
Palm Touchstone Charging Dock for Palm Pre (need separate Charger/Cable, DO NOT Compatible…
@webster are you using your palm pre to take that picture
Plus she destroyed my beloved Palm Pre smartphone . That just makes her a little worse than the 14(13? 12?) other...
@JonathanEzor @RTwebOS #webos #palm #pre #nostalgia Fortunately it was in my size! Now it is headed my way! Thanks for sharing! :-)