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@anildash @awaxman @felixsalmon Remember Sarah Palin???? The left these days sound like her. That's why you lost. K…
What are the odds he pulls a Palin and just quits when he realizes governing is hard?
Is Kellyanne Conway the Sarah Palin of 2017?
We See, Weasels. But Their Right Track. It, In Solutions Like An Ambassador?
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@summerbrennan And ther aint no dbt that Palin sux caus crackers r passe! 2/2 u kno w/c tune 2 use. Wking on new lyrics of course. hp t help
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@Caissie Sad! You can dress Kellyanne up but she is still a Sarah Palin wannabe. Just can't take that broad anywhere! #alternativefacts
RT @lourdesscabral4: Perdon pero me encanta la voz de los pibes cuando recién se despiertan
I've reached the "throwing shade at Bristol Palin in her own comments" portion of the Rump presidency. I never leave comments. #daythree
@MarkDice @Mr_McStevie Remember your pal Bristol Palin who went after Obama's kids? Limbaugh? Rep Steve King? Elizabeth Lauten? The NRA? No?
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RT @velveetak: See now Twitter...when you suggest people like Sarah Palin to follow, you make me sad. It's like you don't know me at all.
@MZHemingway You've made me stand up & cheer like few have since Palin at the 08 RNC. Salena is similarly effective, but not yet as tactful.
BaDoinkVR Donald Trump Melania Sarah Palin Sex Tape VR XXX Parody > ◀️ #kpopf4f #
I bit a sheep because it killed Sarah Palin.
Sarah Palin, where is Utah again? Who's the queen of England? Nimrod
@RubinReport Sophia Eris wants Palin and Ivanka for the 2024 election, so I don't value her opinion that much.
Sarah Palin, where are you you kept your mouth shut for too long! When you going to be on Saturday Night Live Again? You dummy, nimrod
Yet these clowns blamed Sarah Palin for deaths, after she "targeted" districts - really guys?