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RT @TheWayWithAnoa: Same woman wanted Sarah Palin to run against POTUS in 2012 because she was upset HRC didn't win. Now she is gasligh…
RT @Matiialaniz07: En mi vereda si porque no pasa nadie 😂😂😂
RT @dphaw: The media claims it's dangerous for regular citizens to investigate things like pizza gate. It's only ok if it's Sarah Palin's emails.
RT @MuseWendi: @discomfiting eh, it's less abt anything in the present in 2008 she was so against obama she wrote in favor of mccain & gd sarah palin
@JoshuaMPatton @redsteeze maybe she's talking about Palin causing Giffords to be shot.
'Make your point before I deck you!': Fox News debate flares up over Trump… #palin #teaparty
What Is Sarah Palin Doing Now? She May Still Be Vying For A Place In Trump… #palin #teaparty
RT @jeffhauser: 3/4 As @badler noted, Trump's a pro-rich kleptocrat, & *PALIN* has been angrier about "crony capitalism" than Dems.
RT @HistoriaMapuche: El juego de palín que salvó la vida del Obispo de Concepción Francisco de Borja José de Marán.…
@chrislhayes "I think a lot about the Dept of Energy. And if I were head of that, I’d get rid of it." It's the era of The Palin Doctrine.
RT @France4Hillary: #DrainTheSwamp with Sarah Palin, Stephen Bannon, Jeff Sessions, Steven Mnuchin & Wilbur Ross? BUT THEY ARE THE SWAM…
We call it, "Pulling a Palin."
Never!Not in Land of the Free overflowing with American Exceptionalism.The country of Trump, Palin, Christie, Spkr…
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I bit ur mom because it killed Sarah Palin.
I'm Like Chris Kyle. Another Word. Thank You By Competitor With The Priority - They Are Good Neighbor, In Her Motto Is Just Us.
I can't believe it, but for once I can agree with Palin! "Sarah Palin Warns of 'Crony Capitalism' After Carrier Dea"
I'm laughing! Sarah Palin has written a rock-opera #parodying the #speed of light.
Sarah Palin appointed as Science and Technology adviser, promises to get rid of climate change ‘hysteria’
RT @CNN: This is the complete newsreel video from when John Glenn became the first American to orbit Earth in February 1962…
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RT'ed"@CNN 'fake-news) ./ No-"more" paper (or so few)/n days/months after: it's become a FACT. #PoorGenerationsToCome ... (Rgds)
@NicolleDWallace Do you ever feel guilty for trying to get US to vote for Palin? Why not tell everyone not to vote for her like you did?